by bevnorris 25 Jun 2016

Hello Cuties, I am seeking your help to find Vintage Line-work Laundry designs, please. My thoughts are a vintage wash tub, an old-fashion iron and perhaps wooden pegs.

Many thanks in anticipation, Bev


by aussiequilter 26 Jun 2016

these are lovely

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bevnorris by bevnorris 27 Jun 2016

Thank you aussiequilter, the washday certainly fits the bill!
Regards, Bev

by pennyhal2 26 Jun 2016

Gosh, I'm glad others have leads for you, but I sure can't help you. What are you going to do with them?

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bevnorris by bevnorris 27 Jun 2016

Hello pennyhal2, they are really hard to find for although there are lots of kitchen designs, the laundry seems to come in last, although, when you think of it, in new homes the laundry is often part of the kitchen :-)
My laundry has been refurbished with new cupboards and a newly painted walls. I am thinking of embroidering some framed designs for the walls.
Many thanks for your comment, regards, Bev

by BeckyAndersen 26 Jun 2016

Check out Embroidery Library. Just put laundry in the search. I made all my laundry room accessories using their designs. It is a good place to start.

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bevnorris by bevnorris 27 Jun 2016

Hello Becky, You are right. I am a fan of Emb Library but their laundry selection was not what I had in mind, although there are some "possibles"!
Regards, Bev

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by awesome1 edited 26 Jun 2016

Not linework-but nice embroidered pegs ( called clothes pins in my part of the country), Scroll down the page--free--just click "link" for download...Oh, a linework iron seen also.

bevnorris by bevnorris 27 Jun 2016

Ahh, yes, thank you awesome1 (love your name :-)) These pegs will be great for some of my ideas. The peg label will certainly suit the peg basket I have!
Many thanks, Bev

raels011 by raels011 03 Jul 2016

would like this but cannot read site

pamhayes by pamhayes 04 Jul 2016

what page # are they on, Couldn't find any pegs