by pennyhal2 24 Jun 2016

Does anyone have a website where they list the different weights of stabilizers by mfgs? I look at the stabilizers and I have no way of knowing just how thick they are. LIke is a heavy weight the same thickness no matter what brand?


by jofrog2000 27 Jun 2016

Here is a page of information on stabilizers that might give you some insight on which to choose and when.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 27 Jun 2016

Thanks for the link! Great info there.

by graceandham 26 Jun 2016

Weight is not the total answer in terms of successful hooping. If something is "touchy" or dense to stitch out, that's when I pay the extra for the Floriani tearaway, which has more than paper in it - it includes fibers which really help hold the design! Of course, you pay for quality!

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 26 Jun 2016

I'm beginning to be more intuitive in selecting the stabilizer for a design/fabric. Right now I have to buy a roll to find out just how it performs. If I don't like it, it sits on a shelf.

by dragonflyer 25 Jun 2016

I doubt it...I do not think there are "standards" for stabilizers...not all medium or light or heavy stabilizers by different manufacturers have the same weight...I do think that most list a gram/ounce weight so you can compare that manufacturer to manufacturer...wish they were would make things a bit easier when ordering...all mediums are not created equal...same said for light and's a crap shoot! I do try to pick up samples at shows when they are available so I have them to compare....

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 26 Jun 2016

Thanks! That's good info for me. Maybe the best thing is to find a stabilizer that I really like and if I need heavier, just add another sheet.

by pennyhal2 25 Jun 2016

I think another way of saying this question is how do you know if a medium weight tearaway in...let's say... Floriani as in OESD? It would be handy to have a chart. The packages I have really don't say anything other than Med. or Light/heavy. Is heavy the same in all mfgs?

by icana 25 Jun 2016 will send you a free sampler pack. Everything I have bought from them has been excellent.

by parkermom 25 Jun 2016

that's a great question. Wish I knew the answer

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by bevintex edited 25 Jun 2016

longcreek mills will send you a sampler pack for $3.00

15 samples of our most

popular selling stabilizers.

Light, medium, heavy

tearaway - Heavy soft

tearaway - Tear & Wash -

Medium, Heavy, NoShow &

Fusible NoShow Cutaway,

WSS topping, Hydro-Stick

Tearaway, PeelandStick,

Fuse and Tear, Sew and

Wash, Fuse and Stick. 7.5x7.5 squares

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pacmp by pacmp 25 Jun 2016

Thank You, looks like a good sized sampler pack that would be great so you could also compare them to the brands each of us may generally use and for just $3 very reasonable. Pam

by mops Moderator 24 Jun 2016

Mine came with a mention of the thichness, 15 micron the thin topping, 30 micron the intermediate and the 60 micron one for FSL. Got rolls when I bought my 4-needle Melco at an embroidery shop that also import and distributes the Bravo multineedle machines.

by 02kar Moderator 24 Jun 2016

I doubt that all the different brands agree to a universal standard. I know at Allstitch you can get a sample pack and make a judgement of what you need from that. Perhaps other websites also offer a sample pack. It can't hurt to try. Best wishes on your search.

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Jun 2016

I can not find a thing. Maybe someone else will be more sucessful