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by laurasomi ( edited 12 Jul 2016 ) 20 Jun 2016


Dear Cuties,
my dh came home today, but he is still very weak and we have to change alot of things now. But i am just happy to have him at home again and take care of him.Thank you cuties sew much for all your prayers,

Cuties, my dh is awake but he is still very week(sp?) and is still in intensive care, he does'nt remember how he got to the hospital, he thought he had crashed his car and that i had died in a planecrash. So when i went to see him yesterday, he was very relieved to see me and that i was alive. He is still not out of the woods, but i am so thankful that he is at least that far. Thank you my dear cuties for all your prayers, i love you all.

Could i please ask the Cuties for Prayers for my dh, he was admitted to the Hospital fridaynight and had a Colostomy Saturday morning. He is on a artificial respirator and i dont know how to deal with this, i am so worried. Please pray for him.

Update: Just want to let you know, there is still no change in my dh condition, got to take day by day, thank you for your prayers, i will let you know as soon

as there is some change.

Update: Today the Dr.'s took my dh of the respirator and woke him from the medically induced coma, to see how his body will hold up. He does'nt remember anything, not even me. Dh kept asking for Gabi and that he has to call Gabi, i told him i was right here, but he did not believe me, he did not even recognize me.He is completly beside himself. Please keep us in your prayers.


by pldc 29 Jun 2016

so happy that dh is on the mend, a very scary ordeal for the both of you. continued prayers ~hugs Loralye~

by pennifold 28 Jun 2016

Dear Gabi, it's good to read that your husband is improving albeit slowly. I hope that his memory will increase daily, it's most probably due to the medications he is on. Love Chris

by toogie 27 Jun 2016

You both have traveled a very rough road in your life. It sounds like you've made it through the worst and hopefully it's a smooth road here on out. Take care of yourself too, I know this has been so stressful for you. Thank you for the update- Toogie

by lbrow 27 Jun 2016

Praise the Lord! Sounds like things are getting better for both of you. . I'm so glad for you both/Lillian

by Patricia109 24 Jun 2016

My DH is out of hospital and ICU after a knee replacement operation. He had a CVST, very rare and very dangerous.
He also did not remember a thing once they woke him up in ICU - which is good.
He did recognise me so that made me feel good, but he tells me I wasn't there EVER! So don't worry about that part of it. Just tell him you have contacted Gabi for him. Keep him calm.
Several weeks down the track he remembers more now. So keep your chin up and thank the Lord for keeping him here with you.

by grossfamilie 23 Jun 2016

Thinking and praying for both of you. Very difficult times if you don't know health-wise. Good luck and hope you can tell us better news soon
Hugs Maria

by joansatx 23 Jun 2016

Praying for both of you and all attending...

by cwal 23 Jun 2016

The power of prayer is very strong and I'll be glad to pray for him. When my nephew was eleven he had a stroke after a virus attacked his heart. The doctors said there was no hope and then people began to pray including people in churches we did not even know. Then the doctors said it was a miracle when he woke up and recovered. We knew it was prayer and so I'll pray for your husband. Another thing my sister did was not allow anything negative to be said around my nephew even when he was unconscious. Not nurses, doctors or any visitors.

by sewdoctor 23 Jun 2016

of course, Prayers!

by basketkase 23 Jun 2016

Prayers being sent!!

by graceandham 23 Jun 2016

Cuties pray.

by cfidl 21 Jun 2016

I pray for you both.

by chenille 21 Jun 2016

Prayers for you and your husband.
Hugs for you.

by PeggyJ 21 Jun 2016

You are in my prayers.

by grammaheh1 21 Jun 2016

Thinking of you and your husband and wishing him a speedy recovery from his colostomy operation.

by toogie 21 Jun 2016

I was hoping for an update on his condition. Let us know when you can and keep trusting he will get well.

by airyfairy 21 Jun 2016

Thinking of you and your husband at this time

by momofeight 21 Jun 2016

sending prayers your way

by jrob Moderator 21 Jun 2016

I am praying for you both. I pray that you feel the comfort of the only One able to surpass the fear and anxiety that you are having. Try to take lots of deep breaths and accept all of the information and help that is offered.

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jrob by jrob 23 Jun 2016

I have prayed for you today.

by harleysville 21 Jun 2016

Prayers offered for your husband and your entire family. I know you are afraid and that is only natural. Just keep praying for strength and peace.

by gerryvb 21 Jun 2016

prayers are coming your way.

by dailylaundry 21 Jun 2016

Prayers for you and your dear husband. Be strong and know that God is with you. Let us know how your husband is doing. Hugs, Laura*

by liliana1 21 Jun 2016

Prayers sent for you and your family,

by zoefzoef 21 Jun 2016

Prayers send . Take care

by katydid 20 Jun 2016

I am praying for your family, Kay

by dakota 20 Jun 2016

I am sending positive thoughts your way. Try to take care of yourself so that you can take care of him on his return home.

by lbrow 20 Jun 2016

Oh laura I know how devastating this is to you. My prayers are for both of you. You will get through this. Dh needs you and if you will let Him God will give you the strength and grace to get through these trials. Hugs/Lillian

by graceandham 20 Jun 2016

The doctors and nurses will take care of him. I'm praying for YOU! This is a lot to think about.

by gerryb 20 Jun 2016


by 02kar Moderator 20 Jun 2016

Take a deep breath and feel the many arms giving you hugs of comfort. I'm so sorry you have to go through this, but know you are not alone. Reach out to us any time for comfort and many many prayers and cyber hugs.

by sandralane 20 Jun 2016

So sorry to hear this news, prayers, hugs and kisses your way, may it help you to know that others care for you both.. Sandra.

by Smokey12 20 Jun 2016

Sending prayers for you and your dh. I hope you have family or a close friend to lean on during this trying time. Hugs.

by sewdeb 20 Jun 2016

I am so sorry to hear about your DH. You both are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Deb

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by pennifold edited 21 Jun 2016

Dear Gabi, prayers are being said as I write this reply. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 20 Jun 2016

So sorry to hear this...prayers coming your way....

by marron1 20 Jun 2016

sending prayers for you both .. linda