by mechille 16 Jun 2016

Help..... I'm calling all cuties for any help.... I am having issues with my brothers keeps making a birds nest under the material and then it starts making a loud sound and I stop it and the following pic's is what I see. I have cleaned all down in it... changed bobbins, changed thread, changed the needle and even adjusted the tension a few different times.... I can't figure it out..... I knew surely one of the wonderful cuties might have another idea of what might be going on..... Thanks for any help. Mechille :)


by aussiequilter 29 Jun 2016

ok did you sort out the problem , because my Janome 350e is doing the same thing ,I was halfway through a design ,and it is looping on the back so bad that it wont sew after a couple of stitches ,I have change the needle re threaded 6 times changes the bobbin ,

babash by babash 29 Jun 2016

Had the same thing ages ago. Take the bobbin and bobbin case out you may find the smallest piece of thread caught. Not even 1/8 inch but enough to cause a mess.

aussiequilter by aussiequilter 30 Jun 2016

Thanks ,I have cleaned out the bobbin area but will give it another go ,its so frustrating,

aussiequilter by aussiequilter 02 Jul 2016

no that didnt work bab

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Jun 2016

Have you solved the problem yet? And please follow the link below

by gwillmann 19 Jun 2016

Years ago a very wise repairman told me "If the nest is on top of the fabric, the problem is around the bobbin. If the nest is below the fabric, the problem is between the spool and the needle." This is true for embroidery machines and straight sewing. Make sure your threading run is clean and your thread is firmly in your take-up lever. Good Luck.

mechille by mechille 20 Jun 2016

Yeah, I think it's up in the top tension. Gonna try and check it in a little while.

lhart by lhart 01 Jul 2016

Sometimes this happens when the tread slips off the arm that goes up and down before the needle is threaded or if the bobbin thread hasn't clicked into the bobbin case the proper way. The above has been my experience. Good Luck

by cottonboll 19 Jun 2016

I have a Janome 9000 and a Janome 300e. I got the same thing on my embroidery that you are getting when I used the 300e but it didn't do it on the 9000. I put the 300e in the shop and when I got it back they said they couldn't find anything wrong with the machine. They cleaned it and put another bobbin in it and said the thread I was using was not Janome.I put Janome bobbin thread in and it sews perfect.The bobbin thread I was using was getting caught in the bobbin holder and that was why I got the bird nests.Sometimes it is just something simple that makes our machines act up. This may not help you but it was a little thing with my machine.

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mechille by mechille 20 Jun 2016

Well. I have been using this same thread and the same kind of bobbin thread for many years..... so I wouldn't think that it all of a sudden stopped working in my machine... but might have to try that also. Thanks for the suggestion. Mechille :)

by meganne 19 Jun 2016

Seems like none of us are spared the frustration of this issue, on occasion, Mechille.
My Husqvarna Diamond started doing this, on top of the fabric, nearly two years ago and two visits to the repair shop didn't fix it, so, in disgust, I gave up and stopped using the machine.
Then a couple of weeks ago I had to stitch out a large design so I needed to use it.
I had forgotten the frustration of stitching, stopping, unpicking, restitching, change needle size, change needle brand, check upper thread route, change tension up, change tension down, check bobbin, check bobbin case, change bobbin thread, change bobbin thread brand, unpick, restitch,
and repeat again......
before I knew it NINE hours had elapsed and I had only stitched 3,000 out of 35,000 stitches!!!!
Again I gave up on the machine!!!
I went back to the computer, reduced the design by 3/8", took it downstairs to my Elna Xquisite machine, used the same Schmetz 75/11 Needle, the same Robinson Anton upper thread, the same Shappe Spun bobbin thread, same stabiliser..... Stitched out the whole design in an hour.
(Sorry this is so long winded).
Anyway I started fuming over the failure of my Diamond to live up to its $10,500 price tag. So after a few days break I went back to it to try again only this time I tinkered with the bobbin thread tension and had some small success, but still not enough that would make me choose to use the machine.
One thing I am aware of is that the top thread is making a loop every so often and this loop is not taken up before the next stitch, so, at the very next needle down-stroke the needle goes right through this loose (loop) thread and whammy it shreds the thread and starts this birds nest on top of the fabric.
So far the only success I have had is to hold the top thread as it comes off the spool, just before it is threaded into the machine.

What all this tells me is that there is a problem with the upper thread tension, yet changing the tension on its own, doesn't fix the problem.

I am at my wits end as this is the only machine that gives me problems and I don't know how to fix it.

Anyway, bottom line is, I think most of the problems we have are caused by incorrect tension and/or any or all of the above. (LOL!)

But if you have tried everything that has been suggested and still have the problem, then it is time to visit a reputable repair shop, if you can find one.

Sorry I haven't been any help at all, but when I saw your horrible, nasty, mean, bird's nests I really just needed to vent or else get a straight jacket!!!
Hope you get it sorted.
hugs n roses, Meganne

noah by noah 19 Jun 2016

Did you take the cover off it just unscrew the screws and see were the thread is stuck???Happened to me and there was thread there i blew it out and wowwwwww great sewing again.Get hubby to take the back off

meganne by meganne 20 Jun 2016

Yep! Practcally stripped the machine. Chris P could tell you how pristine it is. Since it came back from repairer, I've tried it twice and both times have given it up as a bad joke.
As for "bull at a gate hubby" no way I'd let him near anything so delicate Carolyn, unless of course it required muscle!! LOL! He's good at muscle. :-)
The one thing different about the design of this machine is the very short length of the thread take-up lever. When I first got this machine they recalled them to add a little plastic stop guard on the t-u lever because the thread kept jumping clean out of it. It's very poorly designed. After the thread goes through the tu lever there is only one thread guide between it and the needle, all my other machines have two or even three guides in the same space. I feel this has something to do with it. I'm thinking I will try it one more time and if it keeps on doing it I'll start looking for a different repairer. But thanks so much for replying. Hugs n love, meg

mechille by mechille 20 Jun 2016

Lots of info... Thanks I will look into the different things and see what I can find out. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my problems..... Cuties are wonderful. :)

by dennis999 17 Jun 2016

It sounds as though you have already tried many of the common solutions to the possible causes of this birdnesting. There are numerous links to be found from a Google type search, although this does require a lot of reading. Here are a few links that you may find useful if all else fails:

One interesting factor was the potential of a breakdown in the outer strength of the outer strands of the upper thread amongst the miriad of other possible causes. I wish you every success for an early resolution to the problem.

dennis999 by dennis999 edited 17 Jun 2016

So sorry everybody, I've fouled up listing the links correctly and now cannot find the route to edit any of the post. I thought that there was an 'edit' facility but for the life of me I cannot fathom how to get there just yet. Sorry, it's too late fo

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 17 Jun 2016

Dennis don't worry. I am sure everyone knows about the copy and paste feature. As far as the Edit goes........ Click on the arrow by the Add Comment button and it is right there. Very well hidden.
Thank you for all the links you have provided

mechille by mechille 19 Jun 2016

Thanks. I will look them all over. Hadn't thought about google.... just looked on youtube.

by raels011 17 Jun 2016

I had this problem when the thread comes out of the top looper

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mechille by mechille 19 Jun 2016

I think it's the tension, cause it comes off the spool really funny and fast.

by lucy12345 17 Jun 2016

Good luck! I have had this problem, but it usually stops sewing very soon after happening, does not go this long. Usually threading is problem or thread caught somewhere.

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mechille by mechille 19 Jun 2016

Mine would stop soon also if I would let it.

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Jun 2016

When you got it solved, please let us know. We then maybe able to help someone else that encounters this problem.

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mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016

yes I will..... I found a small little notch out spot on the bobbin case... so I looked at my brothers sewing machine and it is the same bobbin case.... so I changed the case thinking that might be it.... but no.....there is no tension difference when I change the setting or even when the foot is up or down.... so I am thinking something is going on up on top with the tension.... but I'll get back with y'all when I can get it fixed

by Marie6 17 Jun 2016

Hi, I had the problem and it was a Fadenknäul behind the bobbin case.

mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016

hum....... I don't know what a Fadenknaul is... but that's.. I'll try and look that up and then check it out. Thanks.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 17 Jun 2016

Translation would thread ball or ball of thread.

mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016


by sdrise 17 Jun 2016

This happened to m once. It was a small burr on the bobbin case. I got a new bobbin case and it has worked fine since... When I broke a needle the needle made a small burr on the casing. So tiny you had to look at it with a magnifying glass and you could feel it slightly when you ran your finger around the case.

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mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016

You know... I thought it felt like there might be a small rough spot on the outside of the bobbin case, but didn't know it that would matter.... I'll order me a new one and see it that help.... Thanks for your suggestions and help.

by rhndsul58 17 Jun 2016

usually when problem is underneath it is something in the top tension area and vise-versa,just make sure you are putting it through the top take up lever properly -is it a thread you have sewn with before.

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mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016

yes, I have changed threads 3 times... wondering if it might be something with it..... I'm afraid that somehow my tension on the inside is missed up somehow.... Thanks for your help.

by graceandham 16 Jun 2016

Though not this mess, I had a mess yesterday. Did about 2.5 hours of guesswork. What finally worked - I got the six-inch thread out of the upper thread run; I got the small, but hidden thread out from under/in the bobbin case; I oiled (My repairman taught me where); I replaced the bobbin; I changed bobbin brands; I changed the needle; I changed needle brand; I floated another stabilizer beneath project. At each of these changes I re-threaded the upper thread. Soooo frustrating! But, I'm back in business today.

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mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016

Glad you figured out your problem.... I had a thread in the wheel gear, but took that loose and got all of that one out... I am hoping to get it fixed soon. I miss my machine... but I might try a different brand of needle, even though I've always used this brand, and might try the stabilizer trick also. Thanks for your help. Mechille :)

by Patricia103 16 Jun 2016

Lovely example of a bird's nest.
Be careful that the bobbin goes into the slot/tension arm when you thread it. Slow & steady or fast & furious whichever is your normal style for threading.
I changed my style and ended up with this happening too.
Also had it happen when I left the foot down when threading.

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mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016

I might have to try and watch it closer, it's kinda hard to see with it covered up, but I will try and make sure. My cuz use to work on sewing machines a long time ago and I called her and she was having me try and check the tension and trying to teach me (newbie, still ) how to feel the difference and there was no difference with the foot up or with it down. She said she thought it was defiantly something going on with my tension...... soooooo now I don't know what I'm gonna do... hehe
Thanks for your help. I will try and see if this might make a difference. :)

by babash 16 Jun 2016

Sure looks like a Tension problem. I would start all over again and clean bobbin area and look for the smallest bit of thread. And when putting bobbin back in make sure it goes through all the grooves. A friend had a similar mess one day and because she was distracted for some reason she kept putting the bobbin in with the thread going right instead of left. Simple mistake but she kept doing it wrong for 3 hours until she walked away had a coffee and came back. Saw her mistake right away. Hope it is that simple for you.

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mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016

I thought I might try again today and see if I had missed anything and some of the other stuff the wonderful people at Cute has suggested. Thanks for your help. Mechille :)

by pennifold 16 Jun 2016

Hi Mechille, now this looks familiar to me - I have a Brother Quattro sewing machine and I know it only likes the bobbin thread to go one way. So I would check to make sure you have the bobbin in the bobbin case the correct way so that the thread is facing the right direction. Also I would re-thread your upper thread too just to check on it. Usually when you get 'bird's nests' under your fabric it means the tension is not right on the upper threads.

I agree with what everyone else has said below too. Good luck and please let us know if you get it back to its old self! Love Chris

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mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016

Thanks Chris.... I did have it going in the right direction, but I am going to try all the suggestions from all you wonderful people here at Cute. Thanks again and I'll let y'all know if and when I get it back to normal. Mechille :)

by 02kar Moderator 16 Jun 2016

Have you run unwaxed dental floss through the upper threading. All too often thread gets caught between the needle and upper tensions where we can't see it or get to it. This has worked for me so I hope it will help you. The loud noise, I don't anything about. But if nothing has worked, I would bring your machine to the spa for treatment just to be safe. I hope you both will be up and sewing perfectly soon.

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mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016

No, I have never heard of this, but I looked and the only floss we have right now is waxed, so I'm gonna buy some tonight and try and see if it helps me. My cuz told me to tie 3 pieces of thread together and with a knot in the center and then run it thru my machine just as if I was threading it and it would get anything out of the disc,,,, but that didn't help... Then noise is when it starts binding up.... right before it says.. either check and rethread upper thread or the safety device has been activated ... so ... I'm gonna try all these wonderful idea's from you cuties.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Jun 2016

Oh my goodness. Have you cleaned out the bobbin casing. Feel around the edges. Maybe you have a burr. Have you broken a needle recently? Maybe a tiny peace is stuck somewhere. Hopefully others have some idea and can help.

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mechille by mechille 17 Jun 2016

It kinda feels like it might have a little rough spot on the outside of the bobbin case.... but I didn't think it would matter, but I'm gonna order me a new one and check it out. Thanks for the idea. Mechille :)

by jrob Moderator 16 Jun 2016

The only time I had this happen, I hadn't cleaned everything I though I had. I took off the throat plate and removed the bobbin casing. One tiny bit it thread was found. Put it back together and off we went.

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mechille by mechille 16 Jun 2016

I will try again.... I had found some old thread that I had tried to emb something with back in Nov... (know this because it's the only time I used this thread color) wrapped around ... don't know what it's called.... but it moves when you turn the wheel.... so I unscrewed it and took that out also and looked as good as I could to see if I could find any more... but will look again... Thanks. :)

by Smokey12 16 Jun 2016

When my Babylock did that it was a combination of bobbin tension and the way the bobbin was winding. I did have to send mine to the doctor to figure it out and readjust. Maybe someone coming along can help.

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mechille by mechille 16 Jun 2016

Thanks... I had it in the shop last year..... but it just all of a sudden started doing this.... Thanks for your help. I will check that out also. :)