Colors: 3 

Letter T

Design #: 10299983
Price: $1.97
Design Details
Size (in): 2.24"(w) x 2.95"(h)
Size (mm): 57 x 75
Stitches: 1700
Colors: 3 Color Chart: View | Print
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classicfont applique t
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Thank you for each and every one of the daily free designs. You are so generous!

AvK by AvK 24 Jul 2016

dank je wel ik mis nog de K en de M van classicfont

oneageswings by oneageswings 24 Jul 2016

What ever happened to the K and M to this set? Will it be up again to get?

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when you are done with the ones we don't have-could I get the Q?-My internet was down-Thank You !!!

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Thank you!! Love this alpha!! Are the K and M available to vote on?

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Thank you for picking up Classic Font alpha. the last few days with the R, S & T. Still cannot find the K & the M to vote on. Would appreciate your adding these to the offerings. Thank you. Maria Elena

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Thank you, but can you show letters M and K, please.

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