by 02kar Moderator 14 Jun 2016

I have been thinking a lot about the Orlando incident. I know so many of us are scared, worried, whatever emotion you are feeling. Please do not be scared. Scared means the people who do these heinous acts are winning. It empowers them Please do be vigilant, do take care of each other. One of the positive benefits of this wonderful website called Cute is that we are an international group who care about each other. We have a lot of love for the world. And love is a positive and a very strong emotion. So concentrate on loving. Keep smiling and remember Gerry's wonderful quotes. She gives us such wonderful quotes to start our day. Remember, there is still so many people who show love than those that show hate. I hope this will help calm or fears. Now go out and do an act of kindness.


by Smokey12 15 Jun 2016

You are right. Live life and be happy. Share with old friends and make new ones. Don't let fear win.

by noah 14 Jun 2016

ok i will thanks or the writing hugs

by lbrow 14 Jun 2016

Well said Karen . Love makes the world go around. I have heard that all my life and have no idea where it came from.. There is always someone who needs their lives brightened by a smile, phone call, any little act of kindness. God bless/Lillian

by jrob Moderator 14 Jun 2016

I love the blog by Glennon Doyle Melton. This is what she had to say:
I don’t know much. But I know that each time I see something heartbreaking on the news, each time I encounter a problem outside, the answer to the problem is inside. The problem is always me and the solution is always me. If I want my world to be less vicious, then I must become more gentle. If I want my children to embrace other children for who they are, to treat other children with the dignity and respect every child of God deserves, then I had better treat other adults the same way. And I better make sure that my children know beyond a shadow of a doubt that in God’s and their father’s and my eyes, they are okay. They are loved as they are. Without a single unless.

by joansatx 14 Jun 2016

Thank you for your encouraging words to all!

by pennifold 14 Jun 2016

You are so right Karen. Australia was so shocked to wake up to hear that news. Love conquers all!

I too believe in doing acts of kindness. It only takes a smile to brighten someone's day. I read inspirational quotes everyday from The Friendship Book (DC Thompson from England). Mum has been buying these for me every Christmas for years and I've got them all filed away. The poem on the inside of this year's one is by Iris Hesselden and it's so appropriate for today's world.

"Yesterday has gone for ever, Forget it, let it go. Look forward with a happy heart, Tomorrow's yours, you know.

The future is an open gate, with pathways leading on, and there's a bright horizon now the troubled past is gone.

Tomorrow's just a dream away, so make that dream come true, with flag unfurled take on the world, Tomorrow is for you! Iris Hesselden."

Love Chris

jrob by jrob 14 Jun 2016

I like this.

lbrow by lbrow 14 Jun 2016

Me too

by kathymourie 14 Jun 2016

Thank you, well said.

by gerryvb 14 Jun 2016

wise words, Hugs Gerry

by dennis999 14 Jun 2016

You are, of course, so right and how appropriate it is to make the reference across to Gerry's daily quotes. Thank you.

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Jun 2016

Very good words.

by olliecat 14 Jun 2016

Well said