by baydreamer 14 Jun 2016

Does everyone have these for "Door Bells".

When I due the spring clean up in my garden, I leave cuttings in piles for the the birds to make their nest. I was walking up to my front door and I see the cutting one the landing, and look up to a basket of silk plants , and the cuttings are all over the silk plants , and you guessed it a nest.
I have been watching them grow, it won't be long before they fly out of the nest.


by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Jun 2016

Great recycling. I am trying to figure out how many little ones are in this nest. How sweet and exciting to be able to watch them grow.

pennifold by pennifold 14 Jun 2016

Hi Angie, I was wondering too, I can see at least 4 beaks! Love Chris

baydreamer by baydreamer 15 Jun 2016

Yes there are 4 !

by graceandham 14 Jun 2016

Yes, she's building a nest this week on our carport light - very sheltered position. We had messy cars the last two springs, but such nice views - and entertainment for Sugartoes the cat.

by pennifold 14 Jun 2016

They look so cute sitting in there all snuggly. I hope they don't make too much mess for you. Your doorbells are gorgeous! Love Chris

by lin02 14 Jun 2016

I use to hang ferns on my front porch, the birds would nest in them. I would have to look through the ferns to make sure where the nest was for me to water the plants, so I wouldn't drown them. One day I went to water and I pulled the leaves back and there was a big snake and the birds were no longer there. I thought they were safe there.

baydreamer by baydreamer 14 Jun 2016

Sad story but , sometimes something has to die for another to live.

gerryb by gerryb 14 Jun 2016

I'd probably be dead too...from a heart attack caused by expecting birds & finding a snake!

by gerryvb 14 Jun 2016

how wonderful to watch them grow :)

by Smokey12 14 Jun 2016

How lucky you are to watch them grow. Plus, they are outside so it is an easy cleanup when they leave. We had a pair of birds make a nest in the garage, it was a mess when they started flying.

by PeggyJ 14 Jun 2016

For 9 years now there have been birds nesting in a flower pot on a metal stand on our covered patio that is viewable from the kitchen and living room. There are about 4 different "sittings" each season. They are delightful to watch and do not seem to be bothered when I do plant maintenance right under them. My sister had a nest and eggs appear on a wreath on her front door. She had to go through the garage to not disrupt them. Isn't nature wonderful!

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baydreamer by baydreamer 14 Jun 2016

How lucky we are to witness nature at it best.

by cfidl 14 Jun 2016

absolutely perfect! I am so glad they are safe under your tutelage!

by noah 14 Jun 2016

So lovely to see thanks:):)hugs