by ethan 12 Jun 2016

Three table runners blanket stitched ready for sandwiching and quilting sometime.


by Shisha 23 Jun 2016

These are beautiful! You have been holding out on me!!! xo

by marianb 13 Jun 2016

They will be amazing when finished.. love the design used..

by sandralane 13 Jun 2016

Great job so far, would love to see the finished project. Sandra.

by pacmp 12 Jun 2016

Great start! I like how you created them all from the same basic pieces but they each look uniquely different. I love the batiks too. Now they will patiently wait until you are ready to sandwich and quilt them to a completed project. Hope you will show us your finished pictures too and thank you for posting these for us. I appreciate all the inspiration I can find! Thanks again, Pam

by pennifold 12 Jun 2016

Well done, they look very effective. Love Chris