by fontmomma 12 Jun 2016

I bought a baby quilt (unfinished) at our local thrift shop. I

want to finish it but there's a problem. Someone fused it with iron-on webbing and the back is very wrinkled. I know if tear it apart to put a new backing on it, i am going to have a mess on my iron and everything else. Right? So what would be the solution?


by gwillmann 19 Jun 2016

Maybe you've already found your solution. Reading Spendlove's suggestion I wanted to add: peel the backing away while it is still hot from the iron. Hope you let us know what works.

by PeggyJ 12 Jun 2016

Let us know what you do to remedy this wrinkling. We are all interested. Thanks.

by spendlove Moderator 12 Jun 2016

If you iron it, it will soften the adhesive and then you should be able to peel the backing away. Iron it again with some kitchen paper between it and the iron and most of the adhesive will be removed.
Why not try that on one corner?

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Jun 2016

Could you ADD a new back?

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fontmomma by fontmomma 12 Jun 2016

I was thinking to rip it apart and sew a new back but still needed someone to give some thoughts on it. I can buy a backing all in one piece when the time comes to fix it. I will try both methods. It's a rabbit on quilted material and too cute to just discard. After I finish I give to someone who really needs one. Thank you.