by dennis999 11 Jun 2016

Since one of the UK Moderators has been misbehaving herself by throwing in the hand grenade on 'pincushions' I thought that I might be allowed to casually mention the numbers 39 - 28 for the benefit of my Australian Cuties.


by pennifold 12 Jun 2016

Yes, I know Dennis - I'm not a Rugby fan but Steve is (our son in law to be - Amy's fiance) and of course himself being a Pommie was glued to the television! He is now a naturalised Aussie and loves to rub it in when "Old blighty" teams beat us Aussies at any sport. Oh! well, it's only the first game - next week it's down in Melbourne and then in Sydney on the 25th June.

I'll take it on the chin re the 'casual' dig about losing - you guys deserved the win - but we are fighters and have 2 to go. Love Chris

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dennis999 by dennis999 12 Jun 2016

Fair play to you my Aussie chum. You did larrup us out of the World Cup only a few months back...............and Ann and I had paid a fortune to watch that match at Twickenham!

by 02kar Moderator 12 Jun 2016

It's good to see you back again Dennis. And now I see you are tossing grenades concerning sports. Keep it up. I love the reaction. BTW, I found one pair of scissors I had lost but managed to lose another pair.

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dennis999 by dennis999 12 Jun 2016

As I recall, you are prone to losing things. Can't remember now what it was but perhaps your scissors are keeping it company.

by spendlove Moderator 11 Jun 2016

"We" did rather well, didn't we? Of course I kept out of the way for the duration of the match which helped enormously.

by basketkase 11 Jun 2016

I have no idea who is dropping hand grenades (I have my suspicions) and I don't know what you are talking about, Dennis, just dropped by to say "Hey".........

jrob by jrob 11 Jun 2016

Oh, he's been sitting in front of the television again. England beat Australia 39-28 to win first Test in Brisbane.

dennis999 by dennis999 11 Jun 2016

Hey, to you also Vicki. Mrs. JRob has it in one, lol.

basketkase by basketkase 12 Jun 2016

Aha!! Thanks, Jerrilyn for explaining.......I assume you are celebrating, Dennis?

bevintex by bevintex 12 Jun 2016

or gloating