by baydreamer 09 Jun 2016

I saw this and thought ,I should use the idea and make a pillow. Here is where a stash of embroidery designs comes in handy.

It's a birthday gift for someone. On the back are the initials of her 2 children. Now I just have to hope she is a fan of "Game of Thrones".

There are 2 different fonts from 2 different sites, capitals from Hang to Dry offered for a daily deal , so just had to have it , the other fishtail from Designs by Jujuj, the Celtic boarder on the front is from Kreations by Kara ((Russian Blocks) which I bought over 2 years ago and first time I have used anything from it. Yikes. The Celtic heart was a freebie from somewhere? Thank you to all those sites who give us freebies!
If you are like me sometimes you just have to think of purchases of embroidery as entertainment , or going out for a cup of coffee. Thanks for looking!


by cfidl 12 Jun 2016

Love your combinations. I have look at the fish tail font and what would work with it. Job well done!

by dailylaundry 11 Jun 2016

This is absolutely wonderful - I feel like I need one for myself (4 dragons!!). Love your design selection - well done!! Hugs, Laura*

by sjbrower 10 Jun 2016

Nice work. Your design choices and colors are perfect. I love how you chose elements from all over the place. Thanks for sharing.... You give hope to us "artistically challenged" folks.

by crafter2243 Moderator 10 Jun 2016

Really great. I love your choices of designs and the way you dealt with the back.

by shozo1271 10 Jun 2016

wow wow wow. She will love this even if she is not a Game of Thrones watcher! Beautiful job combining all the elements, impressive! *Hugs and Flowers to all*

by muflotex 10 Jun 2016

terrific job, if she is not a fan of GoT, she will now, this is a beauty

by sandralane 10 Jun 2016

Nice work well done, a great pillow. . Sandra.

by zoefzoef 10 Jun 2016

What a challenge to put all these things together. And you did a great job! The result is perfect.

by anagha 10 Jun 2016

Wow... lovely pillow

by Smokey12 09 Jun 2016

Excellent job putting all of this together. Stunning work. I stand with house Targaryen and think Daenerys is the rightful queen. I can send my address for the pillow, just in case you have a spare lying around. lol

by lbrow 09 Jun 2016

Absolutely marvelous!. A very fine job you have done/Lillian

by babash 09 Jun 2016

You made it sound so easy but we all know a lot of time and thought would have gone into putting this cushion together. It looks so good.

by pennifold 09 Jun 2016

Wouldn't miss that show for quids! I'm also a Dragon born in '52 (Year of the Dragon) so I love anything with Dragons. You've done a wonderful job combining the designs too. Looks awesome, she will love it I'm sure. Love Chris

by noah 09 Jun 2016

looking good i like your idea of button on the back i just might half to try that hugs

by pldc 09 Jun 2016

terrific, really like this ~hugs~

by sonjapotgieter 09 Jun 2016

Stunning idea and well done

by angelsbooda 09 Jun 2016

I have these designs too! Although I never thought to combine them this way - Excellent idea!!!! Just perfect! I too appreciate all the Freebies out there!

by jofrog2000 09 Jun 2016

I love it! So admire your creativity in blending just the right designs. More, more!

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lhart by lhart 09 Jun 2016

These are my thoughts exactly. What a talented person you are!