by 02kar Moderator 06 Jun 2016

My handsome hubby and I got back from our conference last night. We are both so impressed with the folks who put on this particular conference on PTSD. It is by far the best program we have seen and my husband has checked out a lot of them and read the books written by many. It is called the Welcome Home Initiative. Google it to get more info. Both the Vet and his/her spouse is welcomed, cared for, loved and hugged for the entire time. And each is given time in group sessions to talk about his/her issues, prayed over and given advice to help heal. The tears flowed in buckets but there was as much or more laughter and hugs were counted by the dozen. Rob and I are both in a much better place now. I did not realize how damaged I had become as a result of my husband's anxiety disorder. But we are closer to our healthier new normal now, with the potential of growing even healthier as time goes on. We met 50 incredible people plus the staff. This country is fortunate to have such patriotic people who love our country. Rob gave the final message at an incredible ceremony that literally welcomed us all home. The church was filled almost to overflowing with several hundred people. It was very humbling and very healing to experience this. I want to thank you for your continued prayers for our Vets. And to let you know that in the US there are 22 Vets a day, yes, 22 every day that commit suicide because they can't live with the pain anymore. So for all who know a Vet, let them know they are loved and appreciated. Watch them carefully for the potential of suicide.My heart is so full from this conference, but you now have the idea of how special it was to be a part of this Welcome Home.


by joansatx 07 Jun 2016

Hallelujah! Alleuia! Blessings and Praises to you, for you, and surrounding you! This is Awesome! Thank you for telling us, Joan

by pldc 07 Jun 2016

I am very happy to hear of your healing process Karen. I too know of a vet who is suffering PTSD & will be sure to pass on this information. I hope that they continue to have these events all around the country. ~hugs~

by sandralane 07 Jun 2016

So pleased to hear that you both gained a lot from your experience at this conference, and that you had a safe trip. Sandra.

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Jun 2016

I am so glad for you having had this experience. My son in law works in the Veterans Administration as a counselor and it is heart braking at times. The suicide rate is so sad, but true. We all need to be aware, love and show appreciation to our Vets.

by cfidl 06 Jun 2016

Good to see you, and glad to hear you and hubby are doing well. Best wishes for your continued well being.

by profstudent 06 Jun 2016

I am glad you have found help for your family when dealing with PTSD. My husband had it also and it effects everyone. Another really good source is the Coalition to Support Americas Heroes. They do great seminars and have a real support system. They were very supportive when my husband passed last year and continue to check in on me. Please know that you and your family are never alone. If I can ever be of any help, drop me a line.

by maleah 06 Jun 2016

I am so glad you had a positive experience. I am going to pass the information of Welcome Home Initiative when we have our annual Viet Nam reunion for the gents my hubby served. God Bless you..

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by lbrow edited 06 Jun 2016

You sound marvelous Karen. This has been wonderful for you both.. The vets in my family go all the way back to the Spanish American with Teddy Roosevelt Rough Riders and of course ancestors who faught on both sides of the Civil War. Grandfather and uncle fought in WWl my late husband and my father were Marines in WWll and my half brother in Korea. My brother was in AAF but during peace times. I am always for helping vets in any way we can. Patriotic all my family has been raised to be/­čśâLillian

by dragonflyer 06 Jun 2016

So glad you had a productive conference....

by gerryvb 06 Jun 2016

it's wonderful you are back, and even more wonderful the conference was so impressive, special and helpful.

by mops Moderator 06 Jun 2016

I am glad you had such a wonderful and healing time.