by gerryb 02 Jun 2016

Special order blanket. Vicki, basketkase, did an applique T for me. The blanket is REALLY fluffy. It looked fine until I tore away the toppers. I had to wet the blanket to get the markings off, then I think the solvy under the orange fabric started to dissolve & made the T pucker. Went over the date twice to help it show. Any suggestions? I sure hope the man will still take the blanket! He also wanted some orange around the edge, but nothing fancy. Hummm. Had to stitch on the satin binding as I knew the thread would disappear in all the thick blanket. That's not in the picture! But it's just straight stitching. Got the blanket from allaboutblanks & it was really plush!


by airyfairy 05 Jun 2016

I think it looks fantastic

by peafarm 04 Jun 2016

I think it turned out great. I, too, also wonder what would work for appliques and how to make them stay crisp after washing. There are so many fabrics to stitch them on so who really knows. Again, great job.

by katydid 04 Jun 2016

I saw my favorite T pop up Love it Kay

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gerryb by gerryb 04 Jun 2016

:-) Tks.

by babash 03 Jun 2016

Looks Good to me.

by sonjapotgieter 02 Jun 2016

Job well done!!!!Fantastic work

by pldc 02 Jun 2016

very nicely done, I think we are our own worst critic, we think it looks great & so will he ~hugs~

by ssampsel 02 Jun 2016

I love it! You've really done good with all the fluff & difference in the textures of the fabrics. Go Vols!

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gerryb by gerryb 04 Jun 2016


by noah 02 Jun 2016

Great job girls yes Vicki is a very wonderful helper :):)hugs

by evilsoft 02 Jun 2016

Praise the depth of the plush he picked and how much the recipient will love it. It is great. It is not a framed pix for the wall, it is a lovie that will be cuddled and washed.

by dragonflyer 02 Jun 2016

I with everyone else....great job...

by basketkase 02 Jun 2016

Gerry, don't beat yourself up, remember we are our own worst critics.... this turned out great, I am impressed with how few puckers you have stitching cotton over such a fluffy fabric, the movement of the fluffy blanket is enough to cause puckers.......I also think the date you stitched shows up just fine, so let it go and sell this project to the customer with pride!!

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gerryb by gerryb 04 Jun 2016

Mailed it off Thurs. I had sent a picture & he loved it. Whew! Thank you again for digitizing this so quickly.

by mechille 02 Jun 2016

Good job. My house hold are huge TN Vols fan also. :)

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gerryb by gerryb 04 Jun 2016

Go Big orange!! Tks.

by pennifold 02 Jun 2016

I think you have done a wonderful job. Love Chris

by lidiad 02 Jun 2016

Well done, Gerry!
Hugs, Lidia

by Sewmum1 02 Jun 2016

From what I can see in the photo I think it looks great.

Something to remember is that people who don't sew or embroider won't even notice the small imperfections that we notice. You will probably find the solvy will dissolve even more once properly washed. I wouldn't worry about it and probably wouldn't even bring it to the customers attention.

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gerryb by gerryb 04 Jun 2016

I thought the same thing. Only another sewing person would even notice! Yes, it should wash all out. Tks.