by 02kar Moderator 01 Jun 2016

This will be very interesting! My husband and I are taking part in the next few days at a conference for American Vets who have been left with PTSD and Anxiety Disorders from their service and deployments. My husband is both attending and working the conference. I know there are many of you who know folks who might benefit from something like this so I will let you know how we make out after the conference. What is special to me is this conference is also for the spouses. There is not much for the spouses so I am very excited to learn what they have for us too. I will be still be making a presence here at Cute.


by vickiannette 03 Jun 2016

the effect of war is so-far-reaching and everyone is still learning of ways to deal with it. Australian Govt. has just yesterday brought home the remains of soldiers buried after Vietnam and the families have finally some peace.

by joansatx 02 Jun 2016

This sounds great! Last week I attended the "Resiliency" talk being recorded for Texas Public Radio, hosted by David Martin Davies. Dr Alan Peterson(Director of the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD), Dr Sokol(founder of Any Baby Can), and Rose Williams(Holocaust survivor) all spoke on the topic and gave hope. You are someone who cares deeply about others and it shows. Bless you and be uplifted!

by laurasomi 02 Jun 2016

Hi Karen, this is very interesting, i cant wait to hear what you've lerned at that conference, since my husband and Soninlaw both suffer from PTSD.

by gerryvb 02 Jun 2016

we will be waiting for you here, to hear all about it :)

by cfidl 02 Jun 2016

Hi Karen, I may not know the true effects of war as I have not experienced it, however I do understand PTSD and the strange workings on the mind. It is good that you both will benefit from this knowledge and experience from this program. I am so glad your husband is doing better physically and I pray your medical challenges are at bay.

by airyfairy 02 Jun 2016

Would love to hear all about it on your return

by fabricfairy 02 Jun 2016

I shall read with interest what you get from the conference , I have lived with a husband who has suffered with this for 48 years has terrible nightmares , we just had a visit back to Vietnam and stood on the hill were he lived for the 15 months he served there , the tears flowed and all he could say was " it is so peaceful here " as it is all a rubber plantation now, the visit did more to heal things than anything, but he doesn't want to go again , I am very proud of him it took a lot for him to go back.

katydid by katydid 02 Jun 2016

Wonderful story. Glad he found the place. It was a war we did not want to be in and a war we could not win. I sympathize with your husband. I hope he gets some peace to re visit it. Kay

pldc by pldc 02 Jun 2016

so much courage & faith to get through something like this. Thank you for sharing your story

joansatx by joansatx 04 Jun 2016

I am so touched by your story. I keep thinking about it. I'm so glad for you two and thank you for sharing. I hope you've been able to tell your story many places because it gives hope that gives peace. It can make life better and the world seem smaller. I just thank you so very much, Joan

by dragonflyer 01 Jun 2016

What a great event to be able to a part of...looking forward to hearing abut both of your experiences...

by kathymourie 01 Jun 2016

God bless you and your husband. I have a friend who suffers every day.
I am looking forward to hear what you learn.

by pldc 01 Jun 2016

Karen I think Dennis has said exactly what I was thinking & I too know someone who is suffering from PTSD so I agree & hope that this will be a wonderful conference for both of you. ~hugs~

by toogie 01 Jun 2016

I know at least two families, that all all suffering, with the PTSD of their loved ones. So sad, especially for the patient, after surviving everything else. I'm sure you will both do your best to help them. Love and prayers for success...............Toogie

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by jrob Moderator edited 01 Jun 2016

I have a very good friend who works with the Wounded Warrior Project and who himself is a Vietnam Veteran. The sadness that comes home with these young warriors is both heartbreaking and devastating for these families for a lifetime.
I am sure that you and your husband will be a great help and I pray that you both receive great help. I hope that you will be given greater understanding, too and insight. Families of servicemen (and women) also serve our country in ways the general population can not imagine.

by dennis999 01 Jun 2016

This is a wonderful thing for your husband to be involved with and I send him my best wishes for a successful conference. Without wishing to detract from this, may I also say how important it is that the spouses are invited and encouraged to be part of that important process, for it is they who also suffer the impact of PTSD, etc. Understanding the impact upon each other is critical to as near as can be, a satisfactory outcome. I wish you both every success.

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Jun 2016

This is something that is needed so badly. So many families are affected by PTSD. It is not only the Vet but all the people around him. Thank you for caring and I hope you will learn a whole lot.

by graceandham 01 Jun 2016

It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you both.