by sjbrower 30 May 2016

I found some more bargain tees for my g-nephew Kai at the Dollar Tree, so embroidered these for him.

The purple one has a gold dragon on it.
The white one has design on front and on back. Kai is 5 and when we talk, we end with these sayings. I got a smile from doing this for him. And he loves his shirt!

All three designs are from EmbLibrary.


by lbrow 07 Jun 2016

These are cute. He is going to love them/Lillian

by arlene 07 Jun 2016

These are so cute. He will be so happy when he sees them.

by deidrefay 02 Jun 2016

Love these. Very cute designs which my own grandson would love.

by babash 01 Jun 2016

Now that is so special. Bet he loves you to bits.

by katydid 31 May 2016

Great job!

by sebsews edited 31 May 2016

He will proudly wear them, great job.

by peafarm 31 May 2016

I wondered what these designs would look like stitched out---FANTASTIC!

by toogie 31 May 2016

Sharon, I just love these and I know why he loves them. Great job, GREAT Aunt Sharon!-Toogie

by sonjapotgieter 31 May 2016

Great work...Gorgeous!!!

by pldc 31 May 2016

what fun designs Sharon & very cute sayings between the two of you!~hugs~

by baydreamer 31 May 2016

He will be over the moon when he sees these!

by pennifold 31 May 2016

Love the sayings on the T-shirts Sharon. On the first one, we always would answer "In a white Crocodile", by the way your great nephew will love them. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 31 May 2016

Chris, here we say 'after while Crocodile'-

by mechille 31 May 2016

Cute shirts.... Nice job. :)

by lhart 31 May 2016

Great job, love the sayings! I like where you placed the dragon.

by mysew1325 31 May 2016

these are so cute.. great job.. they will just love them..

by crazypatchmama 31 May 2016

love the way you personalize the tshirts. the children will love the embroidery, really nice.

by noah 30 May 2016

Love them all these should bring some happy faces right??hugs

by dragonflyer 30 May 2016

Nice job, Sharon...he will love these!