by sjbrower ( edited 30 May 2016 ) 30 May 2016

Mesh beach bag done for a friend. The design is from Stitched Impressions. I hadn't embroidered on mesh before and I didn't want to have stabilizer on the back, so I used Vilene and washed it out... worked well. The design is behind a vinyl pocket.

I wanted to sew the design in white, but thought that it wouldn't show up well on the white stripe so used a light blue.... I think it's ok, but if I was doing it again, I think I would use a stronger contrast... maybe red or bright yellow for the whole design.

Edited to add: I didn't make this bag... bought it at Target.


by sonjapotgieter 31 May 2016

So Beautiful!!!!Well done

by pldc 31 May 2016

Sharon what a fun design & a terrific bag~hugs~

by baydreamer 31 May 2016

When it comes to a gift they always love it!

by pennifold 31 May 2016

Fabulous design and bag. Love Chris

by bejoscha 31 May 2016

Great design and nicely done

by crazypatchmama 31 May 2016

Nice idea to do on a bought bag, personalizes it. Am still too afraid to embroider on anything other than fabric. :-( would love to do vinyl for key fobs ....

by bemara 31 May 2016

Great design for the bag

by michemb 30 May 2016

nicely done

by cfidl 30 May 2016

Excellent design and bag!

by laffma1 30 May 2016

Great design for a beach bag - I like it!

by noah 30 May 2016

Love your saying ***bag is lovely hugs

by dragonflyer 30 May 2016

Oh, very nice..I have no done mesh yet, on my to do list!

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sjbrower by sjbrower 30 May 2016

My first.... I think that if I do another, I will do it like baydreamer did with her bag posted eariler today. She embroidered on fabric, and added it to the bag with lining....covers us the knots etc on the back of the embroidery.