by mrskiki 30 May 2016

Question for you ladies who sell their creations. When you use WSS, do you wash it out of the project completely? Or leave it in and give instructions for removal? Hugs. Nan W


by airyfairy 19 Jun 2016

I use water in a spray bottle - leave it for a while and the WSS just rolls off. I have found using tweezers that it is too easy to pull a thread of the cotton towel.

by babash 10 Jun 2016

On Towels I cut as close to the design at the back as possible but at the front I tear away the WSS (Clear Film) and I find a knitting needle helps to get most out of tricky spots. I don't wash them as to me it then looks second hand.

by jrob Moderator 30 May 2016

I use my tweezers to carefully remove all of the WSS that I possibly can, then I hold my iron above the design and give it shot of steam. The remainder will roll up like a ball. (Use care with delicate fabrics)

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zoefzoef by zoefzoef 30 May 2016

that's a great tip ! thanks

by cfidl 30 May 2016

I used to wash it out completely and then I realized it does it own hardening, so now depending on the piece I may not wash all of it out. The ones I do wash out most likely will get a full spraying of starch.

by dragonflyer 30 May 2016

Hi Nan..some projects like FSL are meant to be that case, I will lightly rinse but not fully so the FSL will stay firm...some need to be rinsed thoroughly...but in any case, I do what is necessary so that the item is "gift" ready...

by pcteddyb 30 May 2016

I wash completely.

by graceandham 30 May 2016

My feeling is, they want to see a finished product.