by stork 29 May 2016

Today we had my FIL memorial service. It was a very nice service. We also interred his ashes and my MILs before the memorial. They were probably beaming down on us because the whole family was there- 4 kids and spouses, 9 grands and 16 greatgrands! Family is a blessing!!!


by jrob Moderator 30 May 2016

My sympathy to you and your family. Family is a blessing and you have a double helping. ;)

by sdrise 30 May 2016

My sympathy on your loss but yes they are shinning down on you. Wonderful to have the whole family there.

by pennifold 30 May 2016

How wonderful Tonya that all the family were there for this occasion. What an enormous amount of great-grands there are and yes our families are a blessing. Prayers and loving thoughts being sent your way. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 30 May 2016

So sad to hear about the loss in your glad you were able to come together as a family and be together...I hope you all have wonderful memories....

by graceandham 29 May 2016

So good that you know this. Sorry for your loss. I hope your memories are abundant and sweet so that you hold them in your heart always. Hard time for the family, but good to share it.