by anitas1403 28 May 2016

Graduation is here is again so have als o been working on that. Jono is from Heavn'ly Inspirations and Anna is taken from the Needle of Anne. Jono is 2 shades of blue on a Dk Blue towel Anna is in white


by noah 30 May 2016

What is the name of your font ??I like it hugs

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anitas1403 by anitas1403 31 May 2016

Jono from Heavenly Inspirations is Schell Chrome and Anna
I don't have a name for only a number 0347. Don't know if that helps - it's a simple leaf & small flower.

by pennifold 29 May 2016

Beautifully sewn out, well done. Love Chris

by laffma1 29 May 2016

Lovely towels! Even the delicate floral parts in Anna stands out nicely on your terrycloth towel. Well done.

by sonjapotgieter 29 May 2016


by noah 28 May 2016

Great job hugs

by dragonflyer 28 May 2016

Very nice!