by Carrieann1964 28 May 2016

Hi, I don't know if this is possible, I've just got my first embroidery machine and would like to be able to digitize a logo for my work, but brother software seems very expensive. Does anyone provide a service of turning pdf's into pes?



by bescal 02 Aug 2016

Did you make a typo when you wrote pdf's? To the best of my knowledge this is not an embroidery file format but a document format. If your need to change format, Wilcom TrueSizer 3.0 will do that and it is very easy when you follow the onscreen instructions. They also offer the full version on sale for 49 dollars but I am not sure of what all that does. I have Brother software and even as a newbie, used it a lot. If however, you want to use those cute alphabets that these websites offer, and do not have a program that will re-size, you can use just the first letter and, using the see through grid that came with your frame, place it so you have room to use the built in letters to stitch out the rest of the word/name. Good luck and happy stitching.

bescal by bescal edited 02 Aug 2016

Oh, my mistake. I read your post wrong and I did not realize you want to copy a picture of your logo from a pdf file. The Brother software could do it but you would not get a sharp, well defined result. I would go with a professional digitizer.

mops by mops 09 Aug 2016

You could get a well-defined design as long as you do not auto-digitise, that gives unsatisfactory results in every embroidery software.

by lidiad 14 Jun 2016

You have receivedf great advice. Welcome to Cute Embroidery.
Hugs, Lidia

by stephsbeadcorner 14 Jun 2016

So, I wanted to chime in here and ask if you've been embroidering for a while, but do not have a program to digitize.. how to do you make your designs... ie: lettering etc.... is embird not a digitizing software?

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mops by mops 20 Jun 2016

Most machines have some lettering possibilities and offer customising options, like mirroring, rotating, combining designs and lettering. The high end machines have of course the most. So have a good look at your machine manual / user's guide and see what can be achieved on your machine.
If you find it a bit restrictive you can download free customising software or buy more elaborate programs. Embird Basic is a (good and not too expensive) customising program, their Studio module is the digitising part.

by dragonflyer 31 May 2016

I agree with Mops and airfairy...focus on your machine and get to know how do machine embroidery well...then work on the second part of digitizing...and do be careful to follow copyright laws..

by baydreamer 31 May 2016

Apex Embroidery a service!

by airyfairy 31 May 2016

I know very, very little about digitizing but I have been machine embroidering for a few years. I do know that it takes ages to learn about digitizing. I would suggest you learn as much about embroidering as you possibly can first. Welcome to Cute.

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dennis999 by dennis999 31 May 2016

I'm with you and Mrs. Mops on this issue. Concentrate on learning at least the basic and then advanced skills for machine embroidery before venturing into the dark arts of digitising. Also, as Mrs. Mops has said, watch out for the copyright issues. And by the way, a warm welcome to Cute. The ladies here are brilliant and very helpful.

by mops Moderator 28 May 2016

Apart from the cost of the software there is a (steep) learning curve to consider - digitising is not learned overnight.
There are several companies offering custom digitising, basketcase takes orders as well and maybe there are Cuties willing to help you out. In all cases you need written permission to have the logo digitised to stay on the right side of (copyright) laws.