by Dodi2012 24 May 2016

i donĀ“t know weather this is the right place.

I become a newsletter from embroidery-allsorts. I want to login at this site but it say i am not registered. So i registered new and i become not the activating email not in the morning not in evening .So i have wrote to the site to the adresses with the newsletter comes. it come back that the email is not excisting. How can i contact Alice from the embroidery-allsorts?


by Dodi2012 25 May 2016

Thank you all for your answeres. I'm sorry that she's sick and I pray that everything comes back fine.

It is not working for me. Then I have to wait.

by marianb 25 May 2016

I had to register again also, the only problem was it wouldn't take my user name had to use email address. Hope you can sort things out quickly. Marian

by belwllms55 24 May 2016

When I tried to register I get the following error message: ERROR: Banned by WangGuard Is it an error? Perhaps you tried to register many times.

by sandralochran 24 May 2016

I had to register then had trouble finding how to download the design--came up in check out section .All working fine foe me now

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by sandyqueen edited 24 May 2016

I just went to this site. I know she has had recent medical problems and family death. I had to re-register and go to my E-Mail account to activate which worked for me. I checked my favorite categories. Try finding your E-mail from her and click the link she provides so you are activated.

Let us know how it worked for you.

Check SPAM folder.