by stephsbeadcorner 23 May 2016

Hello! Would anyone be interested in helping me make a buttonhole in a PES file? I've purchased several PES files on Etsy, but the slit is too wide..or I couldn't modify the buttonhole to the right size. I won't be able to take a local class until July - so I'm stumped. I would appreciate your help! PS... I've surfed around the site and am just amazed at the talent and excited to see what is poassible. Sincerely, Steph


by rescuer Moderator 28 May 2016

Please scroll down to view the answer/comment from our new user. It seems she has what she needs now. Thank you Cuties!

by dragonflyer 28 May 2016

Hmmm...strange that this now a PM from the Community tab...

by balada 27 May 2016

Hi Steph

yeah sure can u send me the file i ill help u

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mops by mops 27 May 2016

It is nice that you are willing to help, however, it would be illegal to send a bought (or free downloaded) file to you (or to anyone else) for whatever reason, including having it altered.

by bevintex 25 May 2016

I'm wondering. Did Steph get the buttonhole she needed. Everyone was so willing to help then we never heard anything else.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 26 May 2016

Not sure...she did not contact me though...

by lidiad 25 May 2016

Welcome to Cute Embroidery, Steph!
Hugs, Lidia

by dragonflyer 24 May 2016

Hi Steph...Big Welcome to Cute...I would be happy to try to help you with a buttonhole...Send me a PM (private message) by clicking on the "Inbox" word in the top right header here on Cute...then Click on the Blue tab that says "Private Message" the box for username put
my avatar name...dragonflyer...tell me what it is you need...length, width...type of end (box end, round end...etc) or whatever information you think will be helpful...perhaps the size of the button (diameter)...
Hugs & Smiles...Kim

by mops Moderator 24 May 2016

Can you tell what software you are using - I assume it is PE design, but which version? I don't use Brother software, but I know a number of Cuties do and might be able to help you.
Welcome to the site.

by jrob Moderator 24 May 2016

Welcome to Cute Embroidery! I'm not a digitizer, so can't help you there, but I did want to extend a warm welcome.

by lilylady 24 May 2016

Embroidery Library has buttonholes, work great!

by marianb 24 May 2016

Welcome Steph the Five Star Fonts site patterns are great. Marian/ Sydney Australia

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by bevintex edited 23 May 2016

Five Star Fonts has free button holes in 6 sizes. pes included. just look for the freebie tab, Page 2 second row

liliana1 by liliana1 23 May 2016

Thanks for the Five Star Fonts Info

stephsbeadcorner by stephsbeadcorner 28 May 2016

Hello!! I'm so sorry for not getting back sooner! The Five Star Fonts button hole actually works great for what I need. I have so many files of!! And Thanks for all the offers to help me.. I was just about ready to go take an individual class a JoAnns, since they don't have any schedule classes til July. The reason is that I was putting these on newborn sleepers. I work in a neonatal unit and when we use zipper footed sleepers, the nurses have been cutting a hole in the leg to slide the monitor cables through.. which didn't look that good. So I need a buttonhole with a then slit that had a wider border and big enough to fit the monitor piece. So that's all good now.

stephsbeadcorner by stephsbeadcorner 28 May 2016

I work nights and do several in a row, so have been away from the internet.

stephsbeadcorner by stephsbeadcorner 28 May 2016

Thanks so much for the warm welcome!! Embroidery is a lot bigger learning curve than I anticipated!! My other hobby is making glass beads, which seems really easy right now. : )