by RockyB 14 May 2016

Tons and tons of emails! Just wondering if anyone else gets snowed under with all the sites we join and all the email that comes with them? I can't keep up and end up not reading most of them!


by rescuer Moderator 15 May 2016

Please do not put the emails in the junk folder. That marks them as a junk email sender. It causes all emails they send to go to the junk box. It is hard on the website owners. I wonder how many close up shop because of this. There is a LOT of paperwork involved if you want to remove your emails from the blacklist.

by peafarm 15 May 2016

I use my junk email site. I look at it everyday---most I can click the boxes to delete but do go to the subscribed embroidery sites. Helps me to remember who has daily freebies or new series etc. Most embroidery sites anymore want you to subscribe before you can log on to see what they are offering.

by AuntAnnie 15 May 2016

Register for an additional e-mail account with your provider or a separate provider (gmail, for instance). Use this account for your "junk" stuff. Clean it out occasionally to prevent it from becoming overwhelming. This will keep your "important" e-mail cleaner.

by dididwiar 15 May 2016

Yes I get tons also. I think the most annoying ones are, if I buy something I get at least 3 or 4 emails, even collecting free designs I get them. I admit I delete heaps without reading them.

by marianb 15 May 2016

I dread Friday's I can count on at least 600 email each week between sites I like and the Yahoo Groups I'm in. Am seriously thinking of unsubcribing from most of it.

by vickiannette 15 May 2016

bit choosy who I join and like 'katydid' I delete without reading or I tell Microsoft Office [via the Actions tab] to put it in the junk folder. Then I can read if I really need to by dragging it back to inbox.

rescuer by rescuer 15 May 2016

It would be better for everyone if you make a folder for those emails. Too many website owners are struggling to have their emails removed from the blacklisted senders lost. It takes six months to beg for your emails to be removed from that list.

vickiannette by vickiannette 15 May 2016

oh! bit ignorant of me. I assumed it was just in my own personal email account that they would go to JunkMail.

rescuer by rescuer 16 May 2016

I'm afraid you are not alone. That is part of the issue. Any email provider, including hotmail, yahoo, and gmail, as well as other providers...all use information collected from the junk box to add senders to international blacklists. Often they wonder why they no longer receive the emails.

by sewtired 14 May 2016

I too get a ton of mail. My problem is I have so many designs that I haven't tried yet, so that I don't know which sites I want to stick with yet. Instead, I opened a new email account for other correspondence so that important things don't get lost in the deluge of embroidery email. Then if I don't get to the embroidery email in a timely fashion, I delete it unread.

by katydid 14 May 2016

I must admit that I delete many.

by rachap 14 May 2016

I think that the longer we are with this hobby the more selective we become. At first, one tends to download every free design because it seems so wonderful to get something for free. Even tho these designs may be perfectly fine, well done,etc. after awhile our taste or what we are interested in change and we no longer download that particular type/style of design. You learn pretty quickly what sites have designs you will use and which you no longer need. For example, maybe you did many cute baby designs but by now the kids are teenagers so you look for something they will like.

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katydid by katydid 14 May 2016

I agree. I can not always get true Art format so I tent to gravitate to the sites that offer it. Kay

by liliana1 14 May 2016

I only join the ones I want

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 May 2016

I am only getting e-mail from sites I like to purchase from. Why not unsubscribe. You still can go to their sites, log in and check out what is going on.

by rmj8939 14 May 2016

That's me too.

by Smokey12 14 May 2016

I don't join many sites. I worry about too much info on line.