by gramsbear 13 May 2016

5-13-16- Hi everyone. I have a question about putting a file on the computer. I have Windows 7 and not always, but sometimes when I am putting an Alphabet in its file on my computer, instead of listing A, B, C, etc. it does it backwards, as Z,Y,X, etc. It has to be something I have done, but I have no idea what. Can one of you wonderful Cuties please tell me how to get it straightened up? And maybe I will know what NOT to do in the future. Thanx for the help, and taking your time to read my mistakes!!! Hugs & Kindness, Judy...


by noah 15 May 2016

I did that to till someone showed me what you just learned WEEEEEEEEEE are never to OLd to learn Right hugs

by gramsbear 14 May 2016

I tried it and it worked great!!! Thanx again for the help!!! I have always thought there is no better site on the web than Cute Embroidery!!! The Cuties here are always helpful! Thanx again... Judy...

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rescuer by rescuer 14 May 2016

It feels wonderful when we do something we thought we could not do. I am so glad you got the help you needed.

by grossfamilie 14 May 2016

thank you - sometime I experience the same problem and if I need to ask the family computer experts they are not home. So I can try myself by means of your suggestions. Happy Sunday - Maria

by gramsbear 14 May 2016

Thanx bowlds, I appreciate the help!!! Hugs, Judy...

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bowlds by bowlds 14 May 2016

You're welcome!

by bowlds 13 May 2016

You should be able to sort the folder ascending in order by clicking the name bar at the top of the folder. There is a tiny arrow either going up or down indicating if the folder is sorted ascending or descending.

In example, arrow pointing up, ascending.

rescuer by rescuer 14 May 2016

That would be my suggestion as well.

Thanks for helping another Cutie.

gramsbear by gramsbear 14 May 2016

Thank you soooo very much!!! I have wondered how to do this for a long time!!! I even have Grandsons who are fluent in computer lingo, & they did not answer me!!! Thanx again for being so helpful! Hugs, Judy...

katydid by katydid 14 May 2016

good job!