by vickiannette 11 May 2016

while trying to Download a design [very reputable site] my computer went into a frantic spin. It blinked constantly, telling me that Internet Explorer had stopped working!! Can anyone shed some light please?


by rescuer Moderator 12 May 2016

IE is very unstable. However, it sounds like you may have something else causing the issue. The download could have triggered a "sleeping" virus or some other malware.
I would let the computer repair shop know that you want all your data. That said, your data may be compromised. It will be best to have them run a scan on your data and your back-ups too.
Remember that even good websites can have "loaded" advertisements.

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vickiannette by vickiannette 12 May 2016

thanks for the help Rescuer and everyone-else too.

by killiecrankie 12 May 2016

If you haven't backed up your personal files eg photos ,embroidery files etc on dvd's or some other external source recently ,doing so now would be a good idea.You can start your computer in safe mode & then copy your files in case the worst happens.Aren't computers SO annoying.

by AuntAnnie 12 May 2016

My limited knowledge of IE cannot give an explanation as to why this is happening. Have also had similar "stalls" with Google Chrome. I would like to blame it all on Windows--which wants us all to update to ver. 10 and spend more money updating our software.

by shirley124 12 May 2016

I some times have problems with Internet Explorer stopping working since the last service. My computer guy is going to install Google chrome next week. He says Internet Explorer has been having problems lately. My laptop screen will blink constantly sometimes when I am copying a colour chart to a word document. I have to force shut down and reboot. I mostly try to use Virtual XP to do this but sometime I forget. Hugs

by kanaren 11 May 2016

The same thing happened to me last week. It blinked constantly and then went to a blank screen. I had to force a shut down. I started it again and it worked for awhile and then did it again. I took it in on Thursday and It is still at the computer shop. They are having trouble removing the virus from it. I just got word that it may be ready tomorrow........

vickiannette by vickiannette 12 May 2016

ouch! Do hope that is not my problem as I've just had one lot of bugs taken off to the tune of $240. Good luck.

rescuer by rescuer 12 May 2016

That is a LOT of money! We usually only charge a flat rate for virus removal -- unless we have to do it onsite. If we get to take the machine home -- I can do laundry while it scans. ;)

vickiannette by vickiannette 12 May 2016

yep, this was just the standard price for a clean-up, they did put most of my programs back as they were [almost]

kanaren by kanaren 15 May 2016

All is good. After 1 week and $129 Cdn, it is working well.

by babash 11 May 2016

Same thing Happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Then 2 days later it would not turn on. Seems the Motherboard died. While it is still working get everything off you want to save.
As I said my played up the worked perfect then nothing.
Took it to the experts and got the bad news.

vickiannette by vickiannette 12 May 2016

computers are fun while everything is working !!! do you have a second computer?

rescuer by rescuer 12 May 2016

The motherboard will not affect your data. Your hard-drive failing would be the only way you would not be able to access your data.

babash by babash 12 May 2016

The Hard drive was replaced 1 month before. I took it back to the same repairer and that is what they told me. Ended up getting a new computer as I had spent $265 the month before wasn't spending anymore to fix that one.

by liliana1 11 May 2016

Very slow on 5/10/16

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vickiannette by vickiannette 12 May 2016

And what a pain it is when slow, but I think this is something else. got a feeling it's when the file is zipped.

by jofrog2000 11 May 2016

First thing I'd do was to make sure I had everything backed up on cd/dvd. Embroidery designs and anything else-pictures, favorites, etc. You might have to do a clean reinstall of your windows version as something the computer needs to work might be messed up.

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vickiannette by vickiannette 12 May 2016

thanks. Do hope this isn't necessary as it has not long been to the computer serviceman.

by graceandham 11 May 2016

I had issues on 5/10/2016 with internet being slow and quirky.

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vickiannette by vickiannette 12 May 2016

I doubt I can blame the speed this time around, something a bit different. thanks.

by pennifold 11 May 2016

I'd turn off my computer and start it up again later. I'm hoping rescuer can come along and help out, or someone else who is a computer nerd. Love Chris

vickiannette by vickiannette 11 May 2016

thanks Chris. Yes I did turn off and re-boot. This happened once last week as I attempted to download a free Wilcom trial. Thought it was their web-site but now I think it's this computer. I always use Google Chrome to browse and have it as my default, but it's never been a problem, so think it's something else. xx

rescuer by rescuer 12 May 2016

LOL Chris, you make me laugh!