by jayce 07 May 2016

Hi,Just wondering, what is the best way to store embroidery thread for between 2 and 5 years, any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank You in advance


by jayce 09 May 2016

Thank You so much for your answers, you have been a big help. ♥

by shirley124 08 May 2016

Interesting question. I keep mine in plastic drawers covered with plastic sheets to keep the dust out. They have been stored like this for the past 10 years. Before that in my previous homes they were in plastic containers in a glass cupboard but of the sunlight. Some could be as old as 18 years. Hugs

by graceandham 08 May 2016

I would avoid the extreme heat of an attic or shed.

by castor 08 May 2016

I got cotton thread that is 50 years old stored in a plastic box as long as they are kept out of direct sunlight you will be ok hugs

by liliana1 08 May 2016

I store mine in airtight plastic containers

by mops Moderator 08 May 2016

I, too, store thread in plastic boxes. I have cotton embroidery thread in different thicknesses (30, 50 And 60wt) that I bought in the early sixties, when I had my first sewing machine and did a lot of free hand embroideriing. i used some pastel coloured ones last week as I love the matt sheen of it for some projects.without any problems.
I have Madeira rayon threads dating back to 1992 when I had my first sewing/embroidery machine and did not buy polyester until some 8 years ago - actually I got the complete Marathon collection and there are quite a few colours I never used. None of them give any problems except for a few large cheap cones I bought at a market.
So dust free, no sunlight and airtight containers work for me.

by killiecrankie 07 May 2016

In clear or opague airtight plastic containers to keep dust ,bugs etc out.I still have thread that came with my first embroidery machine which is about 22yrs old ,that I used the other day & it sewed out perfectly.All my thread is kept in drawers or plastic boxes in cupboards away from light & dust.Summers are long here,with lots of hot days & high humidity.

by babash 07 May 2016

Gosh hard question. I have had some of my thread for 5 years and just keep it in plastic drawer container. I am guessing you mean packed away in storage shed for that amount of time.
I would imagine it would depend on where you live and if the temperature was going to be kept at a controlled number.
To me it would be hit and miss.