by toogie 07 May 2016

Cuties, yesterday I decided to make a wallet and checkbook, to match the tote or handbag, I made Wednesday.

I appliqued the same flower, on the checkbook as I did on the tote, but this time it is appliqued the usual way, directly onto the fabric.
My name/signature is embroidered on ribbon, then sewn to project.
Shown are the items separately, in the first photo and the checkbook inside the wallet in the last photo. To see the tote they match, click on the TAG Tote. It should bring it up. Hope you like them.-Toogie


by peafarm 15 May 2016

Love the whole thing. Nope, I haven't made this. Just don't even feel like sewing at the moment. I did a few baby things and forgot to get pictures before they were off as a gift. I do have a ribbon baby block, blanket and bib ready to go to another gift so maybe I won't forget to get them back out of the gift bag for a pic. This fabric and color is so nice---love this look.

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2016

I get aggravated with myself, when I forget to take photos. 😒That's why the purse photo was took as soon as I finished. If I didn't make anything to go with it, at least I had a photo.Thanks for looking--Toogie

by airyfairy 15 May 2016

Great work Toogie. Beautifully made

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2016

Thank you - have a nice day- Toogie

by robinbird 15 May 2016

This wallet& checkbook set you've made looks so delightful. These colors looks smart together too. Thanks for sharing your work. :~D

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2016

Thanks robinbird, you can never go wrong with red white and blue!

by grossfamilie 14 May 2016

Wow - that is so perfect. It looks great with all the add-ons and I
really love colours and your indivicual styling. Also the label
is great. Everything looks like bought in an expensive store.
Thanks for sharing - Maria

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toogie by toogie 15 May 2016

Wow Maria, thanks for all your nice comments! Hope you have a great day!- Toogie

by castelyn 14 May 2016

Turned out great, well done. Hugs Yvonne

airyfairy by airyfairy 15 May 2016

Great to see you Yvonne

toogie by toogie 15 May 2016

I also am glad to see you! Are you still having CTC get togethers? Thanks for looking at my projects- Toogie

by mgregg01 10 May 2016

I LOVE IT, so clever with the label, I thought you made it at first glance. So where did you purchase the design? The purse also, I thought you bought that. Love the set. Wow.

toogie by toogie 10 May 2016

I am a little confused. I did make the purse, wallet and checkbook. However the flower design was a freebie and I think still is.

mgregg01 by mgregg01 11 May 2016

Where did you get the flower from? Sorry I thought you did everything. Cute set.

robinbird by robinbird 15 May 2016

Would also like to know where you'd found the sweet 3D floral if you don't mind telling.

toogie by toogie 15 May 2016

No secret, the flower is not a 3D design but I made that way, as I stated for the matching purse. I just stitched it on water soluble stabilizer 3 times.Here I did it once by appliqué . The design is at

toogie by toogie edited 01 Jun 2017

I did make all of the items and I made the purse/ tote to match.

by mechille 10 May 2016

Wonderful job again Toogie. These are really cute and will go great with you bag. Thanks for sharing. Mechille :)

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toogie by toogie 10 May 2016

Thank you Mechille, for your comments. Have a nice day-Toogie

by bejoscha 10 May 2016

Very nice work!

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toogie by toogie 10 May 2016

Thank you very much-Toogie

by sonjapotgieter 10 May 2016

Awesome set..Stunning designs!!!Gorgeous...Well done

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toogie by toogie 10 May 2016

Gosh..... I'm blushing! Sonja

by lidiad 08 May 2016

Wow, love your set, Toogie! Professionally done.
Hugs, Lidia

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toogie by toogie 08 May 2016

Thank you for your nice comments-Toogie

by pldc 08 May 2016

terrific job ~hugs~

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toogie by toogie 08 May 2016

Thanks Loralye!

by hightechgrammy 08 May 2016

I LOVE your set fans the fabrics and colors you put together, Toogie! Sooo nice!! Hugs from Jan

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toogie by toogie 08 May 2016

I'm glad you enjoyed looking, Jan- Hugs from me and Avery-Toogie

by mops Moderator 08 May 2016

Delightful! They make a perfect set together with the tote.
Aren't applique designs versatile, just embroidered, free standing or 3D. I love that you repeated the flower on all items. Your name tag always looks good - I think one of these days I'd make some as well as I ran out of woven ones and these look so much better.

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toogie by toogie 08 May 2016

I have to give thanks to a Cutie, for making my name design for me...I love it! It would be no problem for you to make, as you digitize, so try it. I like mine.
I feel the same about appliques. I didn't make the checkbook flower 3D. If you use it inside the wallet, you wouldn't want it to be thicker on one side, when folded up.-Thanks for your comments-Toogie

by sandralane 08 May 2016

Another terrific set Toogie, well done. Sandra.

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toogie by toogie 08 May 2016

Thanks Sandra

by liliana1 08 May 2016

OH Very nice

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toogie by toogie 08 May 2016


by laffma1 07 May 2016

Terrific set, and great little flower applique. Just the right touch of color for your checkbook.

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toogie by toogie 07 May 2016

The navy/white gingham would have been rather plain and it was easy enough to applique. I didn't make it 3D like on the purse, though, but its the same flower.Thanks-Toogie

by queenofhearts edited 07 May 2016

Love the set, charming as always. Do you have a pattern for the wallet (Is it the Wallet from sew desu ne?) or is it your own creation? Every time I make one I have to start from scratch because I never save the dimensions like I should.

toogie by toogie 07 May 2016

Yes, that is it sent you a pm.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 07 May 2016

Got it, thanks.

by pennifold 07 May 2016

I think they are all gorgeous. Well done, you have certainly been busy. Hope you are feeling well. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 07 May 2016

I'm okay...I am always busy, either in my hands or my head-lol- maybe that's another reason why I don't sleep much...always thinking what to do next. Hope you are better. Thanks for looking at my projects-Toogie

by noah 07 May 2016

Love your set hugs

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toogie by toogie 07 May 2016

Even though it's not purple?-lol-thanks friend-Toogie