by sebsews 04 May 2016

Well Cuties, once again I ask for prayers for me. I have not been well since January. I had breast reconstruction and it did not go well. I have been in lots of pain and the breast that had radiation has a huge hole and never healed correctly. He gave me no hope and idiot suggestions. The doctor really failed me and I now have gone to another plastic surgeon. I have lots of faith in the new doctor. My new doctor will remove the implant and the artificial tissue and take some tissue from my tummy to help build up the breast. I will be needing another surgery after this on heals. What a mess I have been in lately. I tell my Cutie friends to PLEASE PLEASE check out your surgeons and always get a second opinion. My surgery is tomorrow, May 5 . I will keep you posted when I feel better. Cuties, thanks for being there for me. Hugs to all Cuties, Suzanna


by pacmp 11 May 2016

Suzanna, I am so grateful your surgery went as well as it was able and that your pain immediately improved. My prayers will continue. Your sharing your story will hopefully help others from going through a similar situation. It can be terribly hard finding a surgeon that is skilled in fixing other doctors mess ups. If anything is rare or unusual of a diagnosis, people can look in the medical journals to see who is writing up the current articles about that condition. SO be ready to wade through medical jargon. Then write down each of the doctors names and where they are from, from the notes at the end of the article then use the names to look up on line where they are at. Some may be at teaching facilities or continue to have practices as well as their research. Then contact those doctors to at least be evaluated or even just to get their opinion on who would be their recommendation for you to go to. Some insurances, well really most insurance have stipulations about where you can go but I can not stress enough that if the best possible chance of a positive out come means you must travel to them, it can be a huge blessing in disguise as not all surgeons understand how to handle a situation when things go wrong, and the things they say to those patients make me cringe, like what you went through with your first doctor. I am so glad you have been able to get all that infection and artificial tissue removed so your body can heal properly. It sounds like this second doctor was wise enough to know how to proceed once he opened you up and found out just how bad things were. Praying that the other spot on your films has not gotten any worse and the doctors that are over seeing your treatment plan will have wisdom and insight on how to proceed, to give you the best possible future. I too am so grateful for this Cute community and the blessing it is for so many. ((Hugs)) Pam

by pennifold 11 May 2016

Oh! dear Suzanna I have just reading this post from 6 days ago. I am so sorry about all the things you've been through. I'm so glad to read that you are feeling better now and that your pain has gone. I will continue to keep you in my prayers though. Love Chris

by graceandham 11 May 2016

Thanks for the update so we know how to pray further. You have really been through a lot. It's very hard to check out your doctors, as everyone in the medical establishment has their mouth clamped SHUT if there is a problem. I went to a doctor for my knee problem who came highly recommended by at least 10 people I know, but I got a bad result. Guess it just happens some times. I will go back to him if I need further surgery.

by mechille 11 May 2016

So sorry you are going thru so much I will be praying for you and hope you feel better real soon. Mechille :)

by sebsews 11 May 2016

UPDATE. My surgery went well. Doctor removed the implant and artificial tissue. I had much infection so he did not add new tissue. Looks like a mangled breast, but doctor did his best with what he had to work with. My pain was gone that night and I continue to gain strength. Monday the drain tube was removed. Next week stitches will be removed. Although I am not happy with the look of the breast, I know it will be a healing process. In June I will have another mammogram and ultrasound. Previous mammogram and ultrasound showed one small spot of concern, it needed to grow for six months.
I thank Cuties for their prayers and well wishes. For me Cute is not only social media but very therapeutic.
I send thanks, love and big hugs to all Cuties. Suzanna

by ruthc 06 May 2016

prayers said for you hoping that everything goes well this time. God Bless

by rhndsul58 06 May 2016

best wishes and I hope things improve-thinking of you

by cfidl 05 May 2016

Wow! that is a lot! I am sending the best positive thoughts to you right now as you may be in surgery. Bless you and may your recovery be quick and complete!

by jrob Moderator 05 May 2016

Suzanna, I'm just now seeing this. I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time. I pray for your doctor and your healing and relief from pain. Very gentle hugs back to you.

by airyfairy 05 May 2016

Hope all goes well with your surgery

by grossfamilie 05 May 2016

Oh, dear Suzanna. This is to say I am feeling with you and will pray and cross my fingers that everything goes well this time. You definitely had
enough pain and trouble and hopefully the new surgeon will do a good job.
Take care!

by basketkase 05 May 2016

Suzanna, you have been through so much already, you still have the strength and fortitude to get through this as well.......prayers for you as you heal from this latest issue!!

by gerryvb 05 May 2016

I read this now, so surgery has taken place probably, hope and pray everything went alright. Hugs, Gerry

by sewdeb 05 May 2016

Suzanna, I'll pray that God guides your surgeon's hands. Hugs* Deb

by momofeight 05 May 2016

Prayers are being said for a great outcome

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 May 2016

Prayers for you

by dragonflyer 05 May 2016

So sad to hear this Suzanna...I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...

by 02kar Moderator 05 May 2016

Suzanna, my heart breaks for you. It is so brutal to go through what you have been through without having a doctor fail you and damage you even more. I am praying for you and will continue.

by peafarm 04 May 2016

I have been a mastectomy cancer survivor since 1991--radiation and chemo. I did not opt to have breast reconstruction. It scared me to death since while sitting for chemo a woman had to come home from her vacation to have emergency removal of her implant. I have not been real happy all these years with the prosthesis and bras they keep telling me are my size but after asking for one cup larger last year I feel lots better. The prosthesis in this one particular bra I like actually stays down in it and feels lots better. My prayers will be with you. I guess we put our faith in the hands of the surgeon and just pray that God's hands work thru the surgeon.

by noah 04 May 2016

Oh dear that is terrible yes i will pray for you hugs

by liliana1 04 May 2016

Thinking and praying, hope all goes well with surgery

by sdrise 04 May 2016

Prayers are with you.. Hope everything goes well for you.

by graceandham 04 May 2016

Praying that all will go better with the new surgery and no complications! Thanks for the warning, as well.

by lbrow 04 May 2016

Suzanna, my heart aches for you. I lost 3 of my mom's sisters(my aunts) to breast CA. The 4th had to have a DBL mastectomy 20 yrs ago. She is now in her 80s. I cannot stress enough if you do not know a surgeon and his work and reputation,always, always get a 2nd opinion and try and find out all you can about them. I know this can sometimes be difficult but if at all possible try. I wish for you the best I have seen this happen and have seen excellent results when redone. You are in my prayers and I wish for you the best. God Bless/Lillian