by mgregg01 03 May 2016

This is the biggest one, I love it because it can hold my phone. I had to tack down the largest petal, it was too floppy. But I am happy with the out come.

moved the flower up a little.


by lhart 13 May 2016

Love the colours you chose! I also like the way you can clip on 2 different handle types. Where do you get your purse hardware from?

by stork 04 May 2016

Love the colors!!! What wonderful projects everyone is making.

by sonjapotgieter 04 May 2016

So Beautiful!!!!Looks completely different!!!!!Gorgeous

by jrob Moderator 04 May 2016

Show stopper! I love the bigger petals.

by liliana1 03 May 2016

WOW this is absolutely fabulous

by pldc 03 May 2016

very pretty in pink!~hugs~

by vickiannette 03 May 2016

yes, this one is one of the loveliest, but all are magnificent. I wonder if teenagers would like this as a 'phone-carrier' ??

by baydreamer 03 May 2016

Love this! Like that you can use the handles 2 different ways.

by bevintex 03 May 2016

I bought pink fabric so I can make one in this color. I like the added petals on this larger one

mgregg01 by mgregg01 03 May 2016

your are too funny, how many bags have you done now?
I always pick pink, I love pink flowers.
You started this and look how much it has grown.

bevintex by bevintex 03 May 2016

6 good ones. 2 I threw away,somehow forgot the lining

by peafarm 03 May 2016

This is just lovely. Would like to have this myself. I take it that the flowers are all done separately, stitched together and then added after you've done the ITH purse??

mgregg01 by mgregg01 03 May 2016

thank you.
Yes you are right. It is suppose to have a button hole in each, but I didn't like the way it would move.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 04 May 2016

I stitched mine together too, because of you button them on they twist around and get off center and aren't as attractive, (just my opinion)

by lbrow 03 May 2016

The color is wonderful. Nice job/Lillian

by shirley124 03 May 2016

Very nice. hugs

by pennifold 03 May 2016

Ooh! this is just gorgeous. I thought the same thing, the flower is just a bit too big and needs to be held down. It looks fabulous with extra petals too. Love Chris

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 03 May 2016

thank you. It is so much fun seeing all the different ones.