by mgregg01 27 Apr 2016

small flower bag

Bevintex posted hers 2 days ago, I just loved it, had to make one. This is the smallest bag. Just ordered another one a little bigger. I think I can get my phone in a bigger one.
Thanks Bevintex.


by peafarm 30 Apr 2016

This is so cute---where have I seen this design file before?? I know one of my newsletters but just can't place it.

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bevintex by bevintex 01 May 2016

OPW or the one everyone is making in projects

by sewdeb 30 Apr 2016

Terrific job! Love the fabric you used and the wrist strap is a great addition!

by baydreamer 30 Apr 2016

wow, I just love this bag

by liliana1 29 Apr 2016

Beautiful Bag

by robinbird 29 Apr 2016

Such a delightful bag you've done& these colors look great together too. Thanks for sharing your work. :>D

robinbird by robinbird 30 Apr 2016

Wondered would someone please tell from where the bag design was found?

bevintex by bevintex 01 May 2016

Oregon Patchworks, look for embroidery delight or search flower bags

mgregg01 by mgregg01 02 May 2016

thank you. i just made another one, the bigger one, with 4 petals.

by bevintex 28 Apr 2016

I love the fancy button in the middle, adds a bit of bling

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 edited 30 Apr 2016

thank you, i like my bling

by shirley124 28 Apr 2016

Very pretty.

by lucy12345 28 Apr 2016


by pennifold 28 Apr 2016

Oh! these are all looking gorgeous, well done. Love Chris

by grannycottage 28 Apr 2016

It is very beautiful. I really want to do.

by pldc 28 Apr 2016

very pretty, I have to get on this & make mine too! ~hugs~

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 28 Apr 2016

i hope you are going to post it, I love seeing the different colors.

by connerj 28 Apr 2016

Beautiful - great material and work :)

by Ossineu 28 Apr 2016

Beautiful. Well done!

by decojo 28 Apr 2016

Gorgeous bag!

by basketkase 28 Apr 2016

Love seeing everyone's interpretation of this design......they are all lovely and the fabrics are so pretty.......

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 28 Apr 2016

I know, I hope more people do them and post them.

by sonjapotgieter 28 Apr 2016

So petty!!1Awesome bag design!!!In Namibia...Cannot wait to get home to make one!!!

by justsew 28 Apr 2016

Fantastic little bag, so pretty.
Hugs Pam

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Apr 2016

Very cute and the strap is a great addition.

by lbrow 27 Apr 2016

Lookin good in this neighborhood/Lillian

by katydid 27 Apr 2016

WOW nice job!

by noah 27 Apr 2016

Oh this is just sew lovely hugs

by queenofhearts 27 Apr 2016

This is really cute, love the pink.

mgregg01 by mgregg01 27 Apr 2016

thank you, I saw you did the flower also. They really are pretty aren't they. I think the next time I am going to do what you did and skip the button hole and stitch them all together. That is a better idea.

toogie by toogie 27 Apr 2016

Mgregg01 I think Queen used a snap on hers but I may be wrong. A snap would be easier than a buttonhole, I would think, wouldn't you? Either way they are pretty.

mgregg01 by mgregg01 28 Apr 2016

the next one I will sew them all together. They move and I would like them to stay in place. If I was really going to change them then I would still do the button hole. The other thing I was thinking, I wonder if the machine would sew through all of the layers (meaning all 3 layers) then they would stay in place and could be removed.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 29 Apr 2016

I did one today and on that one I skipped the buttonholes and handstitched the three layers together with the button. Then I handstitched the bottom layer to the bag. Now it doesn't twist around. I might try to attach the bottom layer with snaps so the flower could be removed easily.

by bevintex 27 Apr 2016

Pretty. I've made 4 so far

mgregg01 by mgregg01 27 Apr 2016

I'm just so glad you posted it. I just ordered the largest bag, But I might narrow it a little. Thanks again.

mgregg01 by mgregg01 28 Apr 2016

I would love to see them. I'm not very good with mixing colors, so I love the ideas.

by toogie edited 27 Apr 2016

This is so pretty! I love the pink. What size is this one?like the wrist strap too!

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 27 Apr 2016

this one is 4 3/4 x 6 1/4. The wrist strap is by OMA place. thank you