by Ritap 13 Apr 2016

Hello, I have a question. I aim looking for the .pes file of

a cow with the text Here comes the milk.

Unfortunately I lost the file.

I hope someone can help me. See the picture


by Ritap 24 May 2016


I have made a new one with my "new" machine a Husqvarna.
I'm happy with this machine!


by Ritap 11 May 2016


Sorry for my late response. I have already received the file from someone.

The reason I have not been here four years is that my machine was not working properly.

Now I have a new machine and hope again to embroider with pleasure. And to be more present on this website.

Unfortunately, I also received no reports that comments had come.

jrob by jrob 11 May 2016

Not shaming or blaming, but since you are relatively new to this I felt I should tell you that it's illegal for anyone to send you embroidery files if they are not the copyright holder. You might want to let your "friend" know that also. Meganne, the owner of the copyright would have gladly sent it to you, but the other someone had no legal right to do that.

Ritap by Ritap 24 May 2016

Thank you for you're response

by babash 20 Apr 2016

Seems this person has only been on here twice once in 2012 and this post. Both times looking for the same design.
It maybe 4 years before she comes back.
Moving it to the top just in case.

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meganne by meganne 24 Apr 2016

LOL!!!! That's so funny.
If she came back she could get my email and the design I digitised.
Perhaps someone else shared it with her privately each time??? Totally illegal of course but I'm not likely to sue anyone over sharing the designs I freely gave away to any Cutie who wanted them. :-) I just prefer they ask me for them.
hugs n roses, Meganne

by hightechgrammy 17 Apr 2016

Thank you, Meganne, for helping out another Cutie. You have helped so many of us and shared so many designs, I'm wondering if you might be growing angel wings....... Maybe growing them takes away some of your energy - LOL

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meganne by meganne 18 Apr 2016

LOL!!! Thanks Jan.
Sadly I haven't had a response from Ritap yet so haven't been much help.
hugs n love, Meg

by dragonflyer 14 Apr 2016

Way to go can always rely on a Cutie to the rescue...hope you are well and feeling strong!

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meganne by meganne 14 Apr 2016

Feeling old Kim, but still here. :-)
It's nice to come for a visit every now and then and catch up with old friends.
Hope you are also fighting fit. :-)
hugs n love, Meganne

by meganne 14 Apr 2016

Hi Rita,
A little birdie told me you need a new copy of the cow design I digitised so if you would care to private message me with your email address I will send it to you.
hugs n roses, Meganne

by shirley124 13 Apr 2016

It is a great design for a baby bib. Sorry it is not available anymore. Welcome to Cute. Hugs

meganne by meganne 14 Apr 2016

Shirley I am still around and still digitising by request.
Cuties will always hold a special place in my heart as I truly believe I only survived terminal breast cancer because of the prayers, love and support my Cute family gave me at the time.
I don't visit Cute all that often but Chris Pennifold is my BFF and I'm sure she would never mind passing on messages if anyone needs help from me. Hugs n roses, Meganne

shirley124 by shirley124 17 Apr 2016

Hi. Great to know you are still around and willing to help anyone who needs help. Shirley

by pennifold 13 Apr 2016

I believe this design was from Meganne, who no longer has her designs on here. Love Chris

irenewayne by irenewayne 13 Apr 2016

I think you are right Chris. I thought of Meg the minute I saw the pic. I really look forward to getting designs by cuties back (if ever) There is so much talent & generosity out there.

meganne by meganne 14 Apr 2016

Thanks for letting me know of the Cutie in need Chris.
Hello Irene, hope you are doing well these days.
hugs n love, Meganne

irenewayne by irenewayne 14 Apr 2016

Hi Meg
Hope you are well & hugs n love back to you

by babash 13 Apr 2016

I would put this question in the Embroidery section as more people go to that part of this site.
Sorry I can't help but Welcome.

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meganne by meganne 14 Apr 2016

It has been seen by the person who can help. :-) ME. LOL!!
Hugs n roses, Meganne