by muflotex 08 Apr 2016

pictures of rescued vinyl and my new project bag for kitting

all of the vinyl pieces I bought had light creases, following the advice from cuties helped me to iron them out. I do not have a blow dryer so that has to be tested my somebody else. ironing the piece from the back with a protector sheet worked fine. the iron was set to 2 dots which is medium heat on mine and I kept the iron moving all the time not toget to much heat on one spot. this methode used on the green and the black one gave me a crease free piece to sew my new project bag for knitting Thank you for looking in


by jrob Moderator 09 Apr 2016

Cuties are the BEST helpers! This site is a gold mine of information and helpful friends.

by dragonflyer 09 Apr 2016

Nicely glad you were able to rescue the vinyl and get the creases out!

by Smokey12 09 Apr 2016

Your bag and zipper case look great, The green vinyl is gorgeous. Glad it all worked so well.

by bemara 08 Apr 2016

sind toll geworden, leider klappt das mit den Falten herausbügeln nicht immer, deshalb kaufe ich mir immer 50cm Stücke und rolle sie im Geschäft ganz eng auf, die Veräuferinnen schauen immer ganz blöd und sagen die Falten gehen doch raus, meine Erfahrungen sind da anders . . LG, Maria

by spendlove Moderator 08 Apr 2016

Great - I love the sheep fabric as well!

by liliana1 08 Apr 2016

Great looking bag