by stork 04 Apr 2016

Spent the p.m. looking for a dress for our son's wedding......ugh! I CAN make it but it would be nice if for once I had a bought dress. Asked the bride to be to please let me know what her mother decided to wear - short or long and finally asked over the weekend and it is long. (after 2 1/2 weeks of having her dress) Frustrated and sort of depressed. Our son was previously married but it will be her first. Just needed to vent.....Thank you!


by justsew 07 Apr 2016

As long as you are happy and comfortable in what you have picked , i would not be worried, the thing you will look best in, is your smile and your personality.
Hugs pam

by haleymax 06 Apr 2016

If you find something comfortable and fairly to your liking, think about what you could add to make it YOURS. Perhaps a lace overlay on top or a unlined jacket with sparkle trim. Cuts down the sewing time, but still makes the item perfect for you.
I made an overlay of lace for my sister for her wedding. The wedding dresses were to costly for her to purchase. The material of the dress was a thin knit but with the overlay and then pieces of the lace added to the veil it was very pretty and stylish.

by stork 06 Apr 2016

Went fabric shopping this morning and found a wonderful purple fabric. There is even a gorgeous print chiffon for a wrap or overlay on the dress. Did not purchase any but at least it is a step in the right direction.......

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airyfairy by airyfairy 08 Apr 2016

Please let us know what you decide on

by clawton 05 Apr 2016

Check out Boscov's if you have one in your area. Sometimes they have some very nice dresses for a decent price. That's were I ended up getting mine and a friend did the same thing. Good luck.

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stork by stork 06 Apr 2016

We have 2 in the area, both about an hour away. I will look on the computer first....saw some on JCPenney's site that were very pretty and realistic in price. Just hope they have them in the store to try on first!

by hightechgrammy 05 Apr 2016

For my daughter's wedding we went to a used bridal store, and though I'm pretty big in the tummy and have saggy arms, I did find a few to choose from! I had choices and the prices were great! I think I paid $80 total and that included the stretch-undergarment! Here is a photo with me in my dress on the left. It was actually dark blue. It was two pieces. The top has sparkles and the bottom skirt was just the blue sheer fabric. So I really recommend the Used Bridal Store. My daughter, Lana, bought her dress there too. My husband Willie is on the right. Then of course Lana and Aaron are in the middle.

cfidl by cfidl 05 Apr 2016


stork by stork 06 Apr 2016

You look wonderful in that dress!!!! That would be something that would work great for me.....will check around.

by lin02 05 Apr 2016

When my son was going to get married. I went a head and made a long dress and a short one. I was ready. Then I was informed they wanted everyone to wear shorts cause they were getting married on the beach. So much for trying to get a head, but I do have two new dresses.

stork by stork 06 Apr 2016

LOL! It does seem that they (son and future DIL) change things.....and they are 3 hours away, so no quick fixes there.

stork by stork 06 Apr 2016

Right now, I am leaning towards a short dress because of it being an outdoor wedding and I want to be able to wear it later without major deconstruction.

by airyfairy 05 Apr 2016

My advice is to wear something that you can wear again and something that you feel really good in. Just enjoy.

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stork by stork 06 Apr 2016

That's what my daughter said too! I just want it to be something that doesn't make the extra weight seem obvious.....thyroid issues are the pits.

by katydid 04 Apr 2016

Yes , been there done that. I gave my son-in law's Mother her choice and she chose pink and i bought periwinkle blue silk fabric and shopped and found a ready made off the rack dress that was perfect and the store altered it from floor length to Tea length and I was happy camper. I still have the half made silk dress hanging in my closet after 16 yrs. Buy you a dress and leave the stress behind!! Kay

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stork by stork 05 Apr 2016

Dress fabric shopping is definitely looking best right now. Wonderful shop in Gettysburg that always helped us with 4-H, proms and weddings in the past. Maybe if I get fabric then I will find that right dress!!!! lol

by sewmom 04 Apr 2016

I've got a similar situation : (

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stork by stork 05 Apr 2016

Not fun......the ones I tried on were just, well, know!

by pennifold 04 Apr 2016

Hi Wendy, where is the closest 'big' city to you? I know you live in the state of Pennsylvania, and is there a good dress shop for Mothers of the Groom there? It can be a stressful time, but I agree with Kim, wear something that you will feel comfortable in. Good luck with finding something for you. Love Chris

stork by stork 05 Apr 2016

The big city is a little over 3 hours away.......I have one more local shop to check out but I know they are up with Kleinfeld's so price will definitely be an issue.

pennifold by pennifold 05 Apr 2016

Ooh! I love watching 'Say Yes to the dress' with Randy from Kleinfeld's on Foxtel - so can understand your issue with price. Good luck, love Chris

stork by stork 05 Apr 2016

Sort of leaning toward a shorter dress instead of gown. It is an outdoor afternoon wedding and I have 3 patterns that would be perfect for me to make....and cheaper too!

by dragonflyer 04 Apr 2016

Weddings can be stressful...but, my best advice is to be yourself...I am sure your son knows you by now...I would find a dress that you fees comfortable in and know that your son and, hopefully, your new daughter-in-law fill embrace your not compete with anyone are you....and that IS GOOD!!

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stork by stork 05 Apr 2016

Oh believe me, my family knows that I am ME!!! It's just frustrating going in those shops and trying on dresses. They seem to all be made for those with boobs and without bust! My skinny days left after thyroid diagnosis in 95.

by lbrow 04 Apr 2016

You deserve a new purchased dress. Go shopping! Try and take someone with you that you can depend on to tell you the truth about how it looks on you. Have fun!/Lillian

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stork by stork 04 Apr 2016

Checked out the local shop that is retiring.....always used her for the tuxes for proms and the weddings. Her clearance price is $221 plus tax.....and it wasn't even a pretty dress. Another shop, the dresses were just plain ugly and cheaply made....too picky I guess.