by 02kar Moderator 04 Apr 2016

I know you haven't seen much of me lately. I apologize. A badly damaged foot and ankle make it tough to think and to do, but I am finally doing better. Now to recover from a very busy month and hopefully, things will be back to normal. At least for a few weeks. A happy belated birthday to so many of you, I know I missed a lot of birthdays.


by designgirl 06 Apr 2016

Glad to see you back posting. Take care, Hugs Lynn

by gerryvb 05 Apr 2016

lovely to see you here again, take time to recover. Hugs )))

by airyfairy 05 Apr 2016

Great to see you here

by jrob Moderator 05 Apr 2016

Take care of yourself sweet friend.

by michemb 05 Apr 2016

glad things are improving, take the time you need to get back to 100%

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Apr 2016

When in pain thinking gets muddled. I hope you get better real soon and days will be less hectic.

by liliana1 04 Apr 2016

Take care

by pennifold 04 Apr 2016

I feel your pain Karen and hope that things are on the mend. Slowly, slowly has been my motto, so I hope you can do the same. Love Chris

by katydid 04 Apr 2016

Take it easy child!! Kay

by lbrow 04 Apr 2016

Sorry to hear this Karen. Hope you'll soon be right as rain. Did you tear ligaments or have an avulsion? I know that hobbling about can throw other things out of whack also so take it easy/Lillian

by pldc 04 Apr 2016

I am happy that your feeling better Karen, you have been missed. Keeping you both in my daily prayers ~hugs~

by noah 04 Apr 2016

hows your foot i hurt mine to by walking of all things:(:(

by cfidl 04 Apr 2016

Hi there!

by rescuer Moderator 04 Apr 2016

So nice to have you back. I hope the foot/ankle continues to heal.

by dragonflyer 04 Apr 2016

Glad to see you...glad you are getting better...don't overdo, now!