by gerryb 03 Apr 2016

I was able to catch Carrie still enough to get a pic of her in her birthday shirt. Here's also one of her Mom & Dad and one my hubby & me. I don't take many pics of me! Note how much C looks like her Mom. Isn't God the God of the details!! (for you newbies, she's adopted) I hope it's ok to add the 2 other pics here in projects? If not, hopefully one of the moderators will take them down.


by marianb 04 Apr 2016

She is so cute! Great job with the shirt. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photo's. Marian

by graceandham 03 Apr 2016


by pat2 03 Apr 2016

Love the shirt and pictures of your family

by worthy 03 Apr 2016

Great shirt and not the little sweetie in it just makes you want to hug her.. I couldn't agree more about God being God of details.

Hope they don't remove picts as they are all needed.

by Ossineu 03 Apr 2016

Beautiful pictures and Carrie looks so cute in her birthday shirt. You've done a very good job.

by pldc 03 Apr 2016

you have a beautiful family Gerry & your pic of you & hubs is terrific too! The shirt is adorable & Carrie is darling! ~hugs~

by Janus48 03 Apr 2016

My daughter (who will be 50 this year) is also a Carrie and she was named after her grandmother....who was named after her grandmother. An old name but great for a new young 'un. I've always loved that name. She's a treasure for sure!!

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gerryb by gerryb 03 Apr 2016

She's named after her great grandmother!

by gerryvb 03 Apr 2016

lovely !! thank you for sharing :)

by noah 03 Apr 2016

Nice to see your lovely pictures and you and Hubby to hugs Carolyn

by michemb 03 Apr 2016

She is just so cute and the t-shirt is as well, great job

by lbrow 03 Apr 2016

Gerry your pics are great. Yes, God's hand can be seen in everything. Such a happy well deserving family you have here/Lillian

by mops Moderator 03 Apr 2016

Carrie looks so lovely in her birthday shirt :) Nice and happy pictures.

P.S. Our magic wand is limited, it lets us remove posts and comments, but not pictures or links within a post/comment - but you can always do that yourself by using the edit feature.

by pennifold 03 Apr 2016

Yes, God is the God of every thing! Wonderful piccies all round Gerry. Glad you all had a wonderful time, love Chris

by airyfairy 03 Apr 2016

Lovely pictures. I just love seeing all our Cuties and their families

by sonjapotgieter 03 Apr 2016

Fantastic...Gorgeous pics

by Barbaric 03 Apr 2016

lovely memories

by cfidl 03 Apr 2016

Lovely family. Carrie is delightful in her cute birthday shirt.

by liliana1 03 Apr 2016

Beautiful Photos

by decojo 03 Apr 2016

Lovely photos! Carrie is beautiful ~ what a blessing! Hugs, Joyce