by sdrise 10 Mar 2016

Hi Everyone!!

I am Back!! I have to limit my time here on the computer until I am totally stable. Vertigo is not fun. Thank you all for the wonderful prayers they do help....Thank you Karen (02kar) for posting I needed some prayers. This was a bad attack. Thanks Karen for being there for me...
Everyone is so wonderful here!
Happy Birthday to all I missed last week and this week.
Thanks again so much I appreciate it!!! Suzanne


by toogie 10 Mar 2016

Take care Suzanne, I know first hand how you feel. My last attack scared me to the point, it came on so suddendly I thought, 'What if I had been driving?' No, vertigo is not fun, you're right about that.

by liliana1 10 Mar 2016

Take care of yourself vertigo is not a very pleasant thing.

by 02kar Moderator 10 Mar 2016

Yea! I have my sister/friend back. Now be careful and let your brain and body continue to rest. And get lots of kitty kisses.

by jrob Moderator 10 Mar 2016

So good to "see" you Suzanne. Check in when you can and I'll pray for your vertigo as you come into my mind (and I read your name on my cheat sheet. ) :)

by basketkase 10 Mar 2016

Great to see you have help caring for all you kitties.......I would come over if I lived closer to you.........
Keep getting better!

by airyfairy 10 Mar 2016

So good to have you back. Just take it easy.

by crafter2243 Moderator 10 Mar 2016

Glad you are back,but now do not overdue it. Better get off that computer.

by gerryvb 10 Mar 2016

good to your post here Suzanne, take care, don't overdo. Hugs, Gerry

by dragonflyer 10 Mar 2016

So glad to hear you are feeling better, Suzanne...take it easy!!

by ssampsel 10 Mar 2016

Good to hear from you. Vertigo is really scary, be careful!

by rescuer Moderator 10 Mar 2016

Take good care of you. I'm glad you're back and feeling better. Karen is a gem!