by embquilt 08 Mar 2016

Hi cuties,

I am wondering if anyone would be able to advise on a simple solution (if there is one) to fix this design. A friend digitized a number so that it would match exactly like the number on my husband's remote control car. He is wanting it smaller and when I shrink it just a bit - lay language now - the first color sort of bleeds under the outline. I am wondering if their is a way to fix this for the future lol without a sharpie? The original looks great. I shrunk it in embrilliance about 25% - I know I know your not supposed to go down more than 10-20 but hubby changed his mind and this was done as a favor.

Thank you,


by airyfairy 14 Mar 2016

Kim to the rescue again. :))

by embquilt 12 Mar 2016

Thank you Kim, dragon flyer for an incredible redigitizing job for me.

Hubby didn't listen to me - as usual lol and loves his shirt, except for his name not showing up well (his fault - he chose the colors).

by mops Moderator 09 Mar 2016

The easiest way would be to ask your friend to resize it - resizing the object file gives far better results than resizing the embroidery file.

by dragonflyer 09 Mar 2016

Hi Lee...I am sending you a PM about this....

by hart 09 Mar 2016

Try using puff foam I have used it when I don't want the design to get lost in fleece and other heavy pile type fabrics. I bought mine at Joann's craft section it comes in many colors to match thread color and tears away easily. I saw hint to use heat gun to shrink the little wisp of puff foam after tearing away. Hope this helps. Cheri

by pennifold 09 Mar 2016

Sorry Lee, I can't help with digitising, but I'm sure someone will come along and help soon. I know if it was me, I'd use a small pair of scissors and just cut off the excess yellow stitches and use some sort of fray stop, but that's just me trying to get out of things a bit easy. Love Chris

by tachau 09 Mar 2016

si tu fais un appliqué ce serait aussi joli et tu utiliserais moins de fils
Danielle (France)

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greysewist by greysewist 12 Apr 2016

It would be good as an applique -great idea!

by marianb 09 Mar 2016

Sorry can't help.. will send TTT