by fabricfairy 08 Mar 2016

Today I sewed out a Quilt Label for a very dear friend who has made a quilt for a lady who has just turned 80 in our quilting group , I cant remember were I got this design from but I did learn a VERY big lesson we are very spoilt here with our designs from here . they always stitch out beauitfully and I never have any trouble with them , this design Man oh Man never again talk about jumped stitches , I think I clipped off 120 in a 7892 stitch design , and as for the back of the design I wouldn't want to show it to anyone , It took more time to clean up than the design and make it look respectable than it did to sew out . It is Cuties designs only for me from now on . Happy sewing Cathy


by dragonflyer 08 Mar 2016

I know your frustrations oh so well...we are so blessed to have designs from Cute sites that stitch beautifully time after time...if only some of the "other" member sites cared more about the quality of the designs they would be so much better. Unfortunately, you can't tell the quality of the design until AFTER you purchase it...buggars!!

by 02kar Moderator 08 Mar 2016

Kudos to you for giving Miss V a wonderful testimony. And you have touched on why so many of us in the know are so particular where we get our designs and why we collect so few free designs. Quality always wins out for me.