by sewmom ( edited 07 Mar 2016 ) 07 Mar 2016

Easter Bunnies personalized. These are actually for my children’s dogs since I don’t have grandchildren but who says I can’t practice? Choose bunnies with long ears that don’t have plastic or wire inside. I used the Teddy Bear font in my Master Works II software in size .65 and added a basting frame. I rotated the name upside down and moved it to the far right side of the hoop so I would have more room for the bunny body on the left side. Even with that I had to punch the nose in and hold it for the last couple of letters. (No bunnies were actually hurt in this project.) I stitched the basting frame before pinning the bunny to use as a placement guide. I found that I didn’t actually need to use the basting frame on the ear itself, pins were enough. I hooped tear away stabilizer and pinned the bunny ear down with wss on top. (This is a good use of wss scraps.) I filled a bobbin with matching thread and chose the thread color to match the back of the ear so it wouldn’t look too bad. Some people open the ear up so the back is inside but then you have to sew the ear back together. I didn’t want to put that much effort into these. Using the 5x7 frame allowed me to use the same stabilizer for all 4 bunnies as you can see in the picture.


by kustomkuddle 03 Mar 2018

Adorable bunnies. Love how you did the names.

by sewmom 03 Mar 2018

Time to make a new bunny for my Granddaughter! It's what I live for!

by gerryvb 20 Mar 2017

great job !!

by 2newbie 19 Mar 2017

So cute, and very clever.

by sewmom 19 Mar 2017

It's that time of year again! I just bought $2.99 bunnies at Walgreen's.

by sewdeb 27 Mar 2016

These are soooo adorable!

by lbrow 27 Mar 2016

Love them!/Lillian

by dadybrode 27 Mar 2016

Super Beau Bravo

by sewmom 27 Mar 2016

I added accessories to some including one with a tiny bib that said, "My First Easter", and one with a super hero cape and mask.
Ideas for next time: long ties if the bunny didn't have a bow tie already, tutu, Easter bonnet.

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graceandham by graceandham 05 Mar 2018

Tutu! Wow - what little girl wouldn't giggle over that!

by gerryvb 14 Mar 2016

they are adorable !!

by crazypatchmama 14 Mar 2016

Sweet huggable bunnies.

by snowbird42 14 Mar 2016

all boy bunnies and one very popular girl

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sewmom by sewmom 17 Mar 2016

: )

by stella1 11 Mar 2016

WOW!! sweet little bunnies is so cute

by jrob Moderator 09 Mar 2016

What a great idea and it's good to practice for grandchildren. You will have to update us on the whether the 2 that live together keep their "own" bunny or try to steal each others. ;)

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sewmom by sewmom 25 Mar 2016

They didn't try to steal yet but one of them chewed the ears off, embroidered side first!

by peafarm 08 Mar 2016

Great idea to personalize the bunny. Never thought of this.

by sjbrower 08 Mar 2016

These are cute! You are so smart to figure a way to NOT have to take the bunnies apart! Thanks for giving us ideas.

by sonjapotgieter 08 Mar 2016

So Gorgeous...Cute and adorable

by maggiecal 08 Mar 2016

Cute - thanks for sharing how you did it - I wouldn't have thought to save the stabilizer that way, great idea.

by toogie 08 Mar 2016

What a cute idea! Love your little bunnies!!!

by pldc 08 Mar 2016

A terrific job, & so cute too! ~hugs~

by basketkase 08 Mar 2016

Oh, these are adorable, Sewmom..........I have not made a stuffie yet....they look difficult........

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sewmom by sewmom 08 Mar 2016

I didn't make the bunnies. They are store bought. But if I did make them I could have personalized them before they were put together and that would be easier.

by mechille 08 Mar 2016

OH so cute.... I just bought bunny for my GD.... so I might have to check it out and see if the ears are able to be embroidered onto. Thanks for the idea... I would have never thought of it.... and I think I'll put the year on the other side if possible... Thanks again for the idea.... Keep up the good work and ideas.... Mechille :)

by Ossineu 08 Mar 2016

Oh, they are so cute. Love them all:-)

by lidiad 08 Mar 2016

Well done!
Hugs, Lidia

by pennifold 08 Mar 2016

These are beautiful, well done. Love Chris

by baydreamer 08 Mar 2016

great idea !

by aussiequilter 08 Mar 2016

lucky pups , they are very cute

by carolpountney 08 Mar 2016

Cute as a button

by deegee 08 Mar 2016

Ever sew cute. You have done a great job.

by spendlove Moderator 08 Mar 2016


by liliana1 08 Mar 2016

Very cute bunnies glad to hear no bunnies were hurt for this project,

by greytgirl 07 Mar 2016

Love the bunnies and I am sure your "grand-dogs" are going to love them too!!!

by katydid 07 Mar 2016

so cute!!

by Barbaric 07 Mar 2016

They are very, very cute. Love them

by dragonflyer 07 Mar 2016


by noah 07 Mar 2016

Love them*** My Mr. Peeko would love one of these he has a C/mas bear he shakes up lol hugs

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sewmom by sewmom 08 Mar 2016

One of the dogs will probably tear it apart but one of the other dogs will cuddle it. They all have very different personalities. The 2 that live together will fight over them like siblings.

by tlp22 07 Mar 2016