by tlp22 07 Mar 2016

Oh my dear CUTIES! Some time back a Cutie posted a picture of the Heavenly Pineapple Angel. Well, I found the pattern and bought it. I started off with the Wings because I didn't have the styrofoam that is needed for shaping. Then came Row 18. It stated an A and B part. What does that mean???? Then later talks about finishing the pineapples but doesn't give directions....Anyone advanced enough to help me on this. HELP!!!! I have done lots of crochet in the past but have some trouble with my left hand. Thought this would be good exercise for me. Slow and steady. Well this had come to a halt. Thanks for any insight. The Piggie.


by tlp22 08 Mar 2016

Got an answer it is just the continuation of the row.

by dollygk 08 Mar 2016

Hi dear, if you could send me the link to the crochet pattern for the pineapple perhaps I could help. I tried to PM you but your nickname "tip22" was not recognized? Hugs, Dolly

mops by mops 08 Mar 2016

I think it is tlp22.

tlp22 by tlp22 08 Mar 2016

thanks! dolly and mops Yes it is L not i.

tlp22 by tlp22 08 Mar 2016

This is the link to the pattern on Annie's. Thank you again.;cat_id=24

by Barbaric 07 Mar 2016

Check the front or back of your book under abbreviations to see if there is a note of what part A and B means. Is there a (*) in your pattern?
Do you have brackets in your pattern one for part A and the other for part B? Are you able to take a photo of the pattern so we have a better idea of what it means so we can give you more help. Are you using a
American or European pattern? Your part A and B could mean a repeat pattern.

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tlp22 by tlp22 08 Mar 2016

Thank you. I bought this on-line from Annie's Catalog So it is a print out not the original leaflet. The only thing I can tell you is the comma after the row 18 information. So, I know it is a continuation of that row.

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Mar 2016

I assume that this is a crochet pattern since you are talking about Row 18. There is no way I can help with the little info. If you need help send me a PM.

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tlp22 by tlp22 07 Mar 2016

sent pm thanks