by shozo1271 05 Mar 2016

I bought these 2 designs back at Christmas time from basketkase. These are extra large potholders, apprx size 13x16 inches. There is a layer of insul-bright and a layer of warm and natural batting inside. The outside edge is actually the backing too. I cut the backing about 3 inches larger so I can fold it around to the top and stitch it. I made a bunch of these potholders for family, friends and neighbors for Christmas. Everybody loved them! They are big enough for the large casserole dishes, or cake pans, and not have to use 2 small potholders. Cute gift, looks like a mini quilt! I have some more, will post pics soon.


by pldc 08 Mar 2016

A terrific job, ~hugs~

by ejtads 08 Mar 2016

Very nice and I like the edge is part of the backing!

by arlene 07 Mar 2016

Love them.

by sonjapotgieter 06 Mar 2016

Would love a pair like that!!!!Absolutely Stunning...Well done

by Ossineu 06 Mar 2016

Your potholders look great. I would want all day just look at and not use it :-)
Great job.

by basketkase 06 Mar 2016

I don't know how you cuties find time to do all this beautiful work....this looks as scary as zippers ...LOL! These mats are all the coordination of fabrics.......

by peafarm 06 Mar 2016

Beautiful. Love your project.

by decojo 06 Mar 2016

Absolutely gorgeous potholders ~ beautifully done!

by katydid 05 Mar 2016

Great job!

by mysew1325 05 Mar 2016

these are so cute.. great job.

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Mar 2016

Love them. Are they ready for next Christmas or have they turned into gifts already? They are so beautiful.

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 05 Mar 2016

lol, these are for next Christmas. I didn't get them done in time for this year. Altho, I may keep these! *Flowers 4 u*

by liliana1 05 Mar 2016

Love these look absolutely fabulous.

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 05 Mar 2016

Thank You! *Flowers 4 u*

by noah 05 Mar 2016

Thanks for my big smile these are adorable hugs

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 05 Mar 2016

Thank You! *Flowers 4 u* !!

by pennifold 05 Mar 2016

Gorgeous and I'm a nut for anything Christmassy! I'd love something like this. I have a long double ended mitt that Meganne made for me and it's fabulous with snowmen and snowflakes all over it. Beautiful work on these potholders. Love Chris

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 05 Mar 2016

Thank You Chris! I am a Santa nut! *Flowers 4 u*