by maggiecal 05 Mar 2016

In answer to AiryFariy's question, here's the first thing I embroidered. Starting a new thread as I wonder if anyone knows what happened to the Kaffee Fassett embroideries that used to be carried by Husqvarna over at MyEmbroideries (there are 2 collections at Husqvarna and one doesn't have the pics come up)? There used to be vegetables and more flowers. Googling, I can't find them anywhere except for pictures from exhibits. His own website doesn't mention them and doesn't have a "contact me/us" space. In digging everything out - I'd thought I'd like to do some of the veggies as I recall loving how the tulip stitched. Funny AiryFairy asked the question as I'd recently looked at these - chatting with my sister this week, she still likes peachy tulips so I've been browsing what I had.

To answer the question, the first thing I ever embroidered with a machine was a towel in a class with my vendor. I's funny as I always thought terry towels were the simplest thing to do and later had heard folks thought they were difficult. My vendor had mentioned knits/tees were difficult and I didn't even try one for five years! Talk about first impressions :-) So, I did the white towel with a flower design that came with my machine. I'd been convinced I could only use Husqvarna embroideries (this was a long time ago), so I'd browsed their site and purchased Kaffee's tulip - my first embroidery machine design purchase. At home, did the peach tulip to match for sis (I started my thread collection always buying 3 of a color - a light, medium and dark of the shade as the designs I'd liked best were all shaded). Then, as I liked the tulip and she had a blue bathroom, stitched another towel set in blue.This was back in 2009 :-)


by arlene 07 Mar 2016

They are lovely.

by maggiecal 07 Mar 2016

Thank you everyone - I also like the blue better :-)

by PIGNADA 06 Mar 2016

Beautiful tulips it 's work well done, i prefer the blue ones but both are beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing so nice designs. Amitiés de France

by ygarrone 06 Mar 2016

Love them all but the Blue coloring is stunning.

by pennyhal2 06 Mar 2016

Fabulous stitchout! Love the details on the blue tulip.

by airyfairy 06 Mar 2016

I just love the blue ones.

by baydreamer 06 Mar 2016


by liliana1 05 Mar 2016

Love the towels they look absolutely stunning.

by maggiecal 05 Mar 2016

Well, someone else asked and I went to link her to the one set with pics at I did find - turns out it's just a problem with the search at MyEmbroideries - he doesn't come up, my tulip doesn't come up - but they called it "flower" and they have a whole section for licensed designs and 53 of his (including those vegetables) are still there. Found it by clicking purchase from the HV site. Dang, they regularly have sales - do I get that beetroot now or wait ..

by peafarm 05 Mar 2016

These are gorgeous. I have a friend that finished a quilt using Kaffee Fasset fabrics and going to a niece in TX USA-she hired me to make a personalized label for it. Her fabrics had the morning glory design and I found a small morning glory design I had so resized it and added her text. She loved it. I didn't know there are embroidery designs by the designer.

maggiecal by maggiecal edited 05 Mar 2016

He has a morning glory!

peafarm by peafarm 06 Mar 2016

I will do a search on this although it won't help me now--but good to know--Thank you very much.

by noah 05 Mar 2016

Sew very nice i like both sets hugs

by rachap 05 Mar 2016

The Kaffe designs I have I bought from my Viking dealer. I don't know if they are still available as it has been 4 or 5 years ago. Good luck finding some.

maggiecal by maggiecal 05 Mar 2016

Thanks - it's possible she may have a CD, I"ll have to look when next there. They're not in the current HV catalog of designs.

maggiecal by maggiecal 05 Mar 2016

Found the downloadable. :-)

by maggiecal 05 Mar 2016

Thanks Chris I'd been able to find one image from the vegetable set they used to offer that was in an exhibit of his work in England (photo linked below). They were beautiful.

by pennifold 05 Mar 2016

They are beautiful, I too love the Tulips, great job. With the link below they were the only flowers I could find from his designs. I hope someone can help you out with Kaffe Fasset's designs Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 05 Mar 2016

Well done!!!Gorgeous

by Ossineu 05 Mar 2016

Like the blue tulip:-)
Beautiful towels.

by dee 05 Mar 2016

Beautiful towels. Thanks for sharing

by sjbrower 05 Mar 2016

Beautiful project... love the design and your work. That was smart of you to purchase thread in groups of three shades! I learn stuff every day here on CUTE!

by elemausi 05 Mar 2016

Beautiful embroidered towels