by Shisha 20 Feb 2016

Hi cuties! This is a quilt I made for a friend's 60th b-day. It was done on muslin and it was made up of just embroidered blocks with cream thread that matched the fabric. The close-ups were taken as a work in progress. It was gifted to her last weekend and she loved it.

I also made a wall hanging quilt for her hubby as a Happy Retirement gift but because there isn't embroidery on it, I will post it in sewing.

Thanks for looking!


by lucy12345 16 Mar 2016

Lovely, well done. Your friend must be thrilled!!

by toogie 15 Mar 2016

I love the tone on tone and the work you have accomplished. I can't blame your friend for crying, it would move me to tears too, to receive such a beautiful, thoughtful, time consuming gift! Just lovely of you to gift her with this.......I wanted to take a trip for my 60th birthday and spent it in the hospital instead.

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Shisha by Shisha 17 Mar 2016

Sorry to hear u did a hospital trip for your 60th!!! Here's hoping 61 will be much better!

by lbrow 24 Feb 2016

Absolutely Magnificent!!/Lillian

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Shisha by Shisha 28 Feb 2016

Thank you!

by elemausi 24 Feb 2016

Lucky friend to get a such beautiful gift.

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Shisha by Shisha 28 Feb 2016


by JHyleman 23 Feb 2016

Love this. So very pretty.

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Shisha by Shisha 28 Feb 2016

Thank you!

by Shisha 21 Feb 2016

Wow! Thanks everybody for your kind comments! It was not nearly as difficult to make as it looks. I got the embroidery designs years ago from EmbroideryDK. (Sorry, I don't remember the name of the designs.) I came across a site a while ago with a 'quilt as u go' technique that I had not tried. It said to sew your quilted blocks directly on to the quilt batting and then, when all blocks were finished, sew them together as you normally would and then add the quilt back and stitch in the ditch. I thought why wouldn't it work with embroidery? So that is exactly what i did. I hooped the muslin fabric as I normally would, then used 505 spray adhesive to attach the batting to the back of the block. It was too bulky to hoop the batting too. (I used warm and natural I believe). Because I used only one color thread, there was no time used up in thread changes. Once I had all the blocks finished, I squared them up and sewed them together in rows. I decided I needed the quilt to be bigger than it was so I added a strip between the rows and made them the same way as the blocks. When all was finished and the top was sewn together, I backed it with minky fabric and stitched in the ditch of the seams where all the blocks on the top were joined together. That is it. It looks a lot more complicated than what it really was.

I was thrilled with the way it turned out! As a matter of fact, I liked it so much that I just may have to make one for us! It also helped that when the recipient opened it, she burst in to tears. Yes, she loved it!

Thanks again for all your wonderful comments! Hugs to all!

by lidiad 21 Feb 2016

A lot of work, well done!
Hugs, Lidia

by sandralane 20 Feb 2016

Beautiful work, excellent job on this project. Your friend will cherish her gift, from you, well done. Sandra.

by deegee 20 Feb 2016

Absolutely beautiful. Great job.

by sdrise 20 Feb 2016

Beautiful!! I love tone on tone!!

by peafarm 20 Feb 2016

This is just so lovely. I have so many designs I could do this with and mostly no energy--only the desire in my head. I am sure she loved it.

by liliana1 20 Feb 2016

Beautiful quilt your friend will love it very well done.

by ethan 20 Feb 2016

I love the quilting well done, I do wish you were here to teach me Shisha.


by sonjapotgieter 20 Feb 2016

Wow!!!!You did an Amazing job!!!It is Beautiful!!!!Well done

by poprok 20 Feb 2016

Beautiful beautiful

by pennyhal2 20 Feb 2016

I'm a quilter at heart and I do admire how fabulous this quilt is! You inspire me to get going and do a ME quilt like yours. Well done!

by bejoscha 20 Feb 2016

So beautiful, great work

by airyfairy 20 Feb 2016

You are so very talented. Beautiful work

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Feb 2016

Oh my. I am speechless. This is a masterpiece. Please tell us more about how you created it.

by noah 20 Feb 2016

Excellent job i to love it hugs

by sjbrower 20 Feb 2016

Wow this is beautiful. Must have taken forever to do.... your friend must be special to you. Wow wow wow (one or two wows are simply not enough!)

by pldc 20 Feb 2016

wow it turned out just great & so much work, well done ~hugs~

by jrob Moderator 20 Feb 2016


by dragonflyer 20 Feb 2016

Beautiful job...I love the white on white or tone on tone...

by queenofhearts 20 Feb 2016


by laffma1 20 Feb 2016

Wow is not a strong enough word - this is absolutely stunning!!! Please tell us more about how you made this. Did you make individual blocks, then sew them together? Or did you start with one large piece of muslin and embroider the designs directly on it? I also like how you separated the block sections with the long strips and border stitching. This must have taken a very long time to complete. She must be a very special friend! Excellent work.

by kalamazoo 20 Feb 2016


by bemara 20 Feb 2016

great designs, likes me really well, if I have sometimes a lot of time (never) I would also like to make to myself a so nice quilt - beautiful :-)

by bielie 20 Feb 2016

Absolutely stunning, I love it. Well done. It is sure to become a heirloom

by pennifold 20 Feb 2016

Wow! Shisha, what a lot of work in this quilt, it's absolutely beautiful. A real heirloom! Love Chris