by highlandermom 18 Feb 2016

I got into my room last week and spent several days going though fabric. My one shelves were feeling like they were ready to fall and bury me. So I went from 1st pic the piled folded and no plastic on my thread added a L shape so could put 3 machines closer to the now pic 2.

Seems like every year around Feb or March the doldrums of winter sends me to go through the fabric etc. to get in a project mood. Then it is clean files. At least now I don't feel like the pile is falling.


by Sewmum1 20 Feb 2016

Well done. I am in the middle of sorting my sewing space too. Your threads look so organized

by sebsews 20 Feb 2016

Wow, what a stash! And now so organized. Great job

by airyfairy 20 Feb 2016

I cannot believe this. Your sewing room is better stocked than my local material shop!! You are just so lucky

by cfidl 20 Feb 2016

Quite impressive! I hope to have something all for me soon!

by mariagiannina 20 Feb 2016

Looks great! Please put me on your list for a sewing room tidy up together with the other ladies here!

by babash 19 Feb 2016

So neat and tidy. Can I go on the list for your professional services?

by noah 19 Feb 2016

Way to go Mary .When can you do mine please??lolhugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Feb 2016

Looks awesome. What a great organized place. I am with jrob "Now go and mess it up" :-)

by snoukems 19 Feb 2016

That's awesome! Great inspiration for when I finally get my sewing room together (waiting to see if we fixed the leaks before we put the walls back up!). I like how you have your thread setup. Thanks for sharing!

by peafarm 19 Feb 2016

I 'used' to be organized and can't stand that it is not right now. No desire in myself to do it right now. This is super. It made me think about upstairs and how could I re-organize though!

by jrob Moderator 19 Feb 2016

Looks great, now go mess it up! LOL

by sdrise 19 Feb 2016

Beautiful Now you can see everything and it is at you fingertips. Nice job!

by fabricfairy 19 Feb 2016

you have done a great job , my room needs the same treatment .

by michemb 19 Feb 2016

Great job and now your mind is free to creative many wonderful projects,

by mrskiki 19 Feb 2016

Will you come do my room? LOL I "cleaned out" last year and rearranged, but still need to do it again. Just don't want to take the time. Great job. Hugs. Nan W

by muflotex 19 Feb 2016

good job well done and very nice stash

by mysew1325 19 Feb 2016

that really is clean... love it... makes you want to work in that space.. and create some great projects..

by dragonflyer 19 Feb 2016

Wow... great job reorganizing..I have fabric and thread envy!

by pennifold 19 Feb 2016

Wow Mary, this looks fabulous. Well done on getting it all on to boards and then on to the shelves. Love Chris

by carolpountney 19 Feb 2016

Gosh, fabric heaven

by spendlove Moderator 19 Feb 2016

I'm really, really envious!

by marianb 19 Feb 2016

Well done I'm sure you feel better for doing it.. It's been 6weeks since I moved rooms and still haven't finished, may be I should get you over to lend a hand.. Marian

by laffma1 19 Feb 2016

Wow, you did a fabulous job reorganizing. Doesn't it feel wonderful being able to see all your beautiful fabrics standing up so neat and tidy?! Now your creative juices will be flowing. Looking forward to seeing your next projects.

by sandralane 19 Feb 2016

This does look neat and tidy and well organised. I hope to be organised in a few months after moving in three weeks time. It is a very stressful exhausting procedure, and this may take a lot of effort and longer than I .think. Sandra.