by fabricfairy 05 Feb 2016

We have a heatwave coming , here in Perth today was a warm up 39 deg in our back garden and it is going to be 40 tomorrow and Sunday all the way up til next Thursday , our poor garden will suffer and we put so much time into it , guess it is time to stay indoor and sew under the air conditioning . It is just so heart breaking to all your hard work burnt .


by noah 06 Feb 2016

Oh boy :(:(I could send you tons of snow that would melt fast were you live. Hugs

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by danababes edited 06 Feb 2016

Same for us in rural Western Australia though it gets so hot out here that we have all our plants covered with shade-cloth on at least three sides by October. The worst is the hot, dry wind in the afternoon... it just fries our plants if they're not protected That being said even a hot wind is better than no breeze at all. :)

Lucky for us, our town has a pool so that's where we hang out all summer *wink*

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fabricfairy by fabricfairy 06 Feb 2016

Thank you for the weather zone I have never been into that site before , great site .

by sandralane 05 Feb 2016

Oh, that means we are in for the hot weather a few days later in Albury N.S.W. My roses are just about finished after there fourth flowering this season, they were really beautiful this year. The rest of the garden however is starting to dry out a little, we are not on restrictions with water so far. Stay inside keep cool and plenty of sewing will keep you going. Sandra.

by jrob Moderator 05 Feb 2016

That's really hot. We are all experiencing weather that is abnormal. I hope we haven't broken Mother Nature.

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marianb by marianb 06 Feb 2016

I hope so to..

by babash 05 Feb 2016

I feel for you I was in Perth this time last year and it was so hot but not as hot as you are going to be this year.
I would get some Hessian and shade your roses as much as you can it works better than shade cloth in my opinion. Roses are pretty tough just cut off any flowers that are almost finished so the bush can concentrate on the buds.

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fabricfairy by fabricfairy 05 Feb 2016

We have 15 of the most beauitful rose bushes they are my husbands pride and joy he is off to Bunning this morning to get something to put over them .

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by pennifold edited 05 Feb 2016


by graceandham 05 Feb 2016

I know this feeling well. You hope you got enough out of it to make it worth the effort before it burns and shrivels. Would a temporary shade cloth help? (Anything that creates temporary shade.) We usually say well, we're too old to bother with this again next year, and then we forget over the winter and dive back into the work.

by 02kar Moderator 05 Feb 2016

My heart goes out to you. It is crazy everywhere and all areas are suffering different issues. Keep carrying those buckets. It is not a waste and the plants say thanks for every bucket.

by sdrise 05 Feb 2016

Today it is snowing out here. I will trade.. Sorry to hear about your garden We put a lo of work into a garden too and it is disappointing when it does not thrive.

by airyfairy 05 Feb 2016

We are also expecting a heatwave next week. The whole of Southern Africa need rain so badly

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fabricfairy by fabricfairy 05 Feb 2016

I always watch the weather coming from your part of the world as we usually get a spin off from it also .

by pennifold 05 Feb 2016

What I do Cathy is get up early in the morning and water the garden for about half an hour. We have water restrictions here in Newcastle from July 2014 the rules include:
■ All hand-held hoses must have a trigger nozzle.
■ Watering with a sprinkler, irrigation system or trigger nozzle hose is permitted before 10am or after 4pm.
■ No hosing of hard surfaces such as driveways.
■ All vehicles must be washed with a bucket, trigger nozzle hose or pressure cleaner.
I do hope you can do some early morning watering to give your lovely garden some relief. Love Chris

airyfairy by airyfairy 05 Feb 2016

Chris, we have not been allowed to use a hose pipe for years because of drought conditions. I carry 27 buckets of water around the garden every 2/ 3 days. I am so used to it that I don't think I would want to use a hose pipe. The bucket system waters much more deeply. Every plant I care for - mostly my roses gets one bucket at a time. Keeps me fit!!!!

jrob by jrob 05 Feb 2016

💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 nice arms Sarah. I hope you use both equally.

fabricfairy by fabricfairy 05 Feb 2016

Thanks Chris , we have a lot of those restrictions here also my husband is always up by 6 each morning and starts to water , but we are heading into 6/7 days of over 40 deg they are saying it will break a record set in 1933 if it happens . Not looking forward to this .