by wider57 01 Feb 2016

Hi ladies! It's been a long time since I've posted anything, so I decided to give you all a chuckle with my latest adventures.

So.... How can a simple job like recaulking the bathtub leave you feeling like you've just gone 10 rounds with Evander Holyfield? Well, sit right back and you'll hear a tale. A tale of a fateful trip, that started in this tiny room aboard this fateful ship.....

I started scraping off all the old caulking - why? Because we had an awful leak that was running through the wall and down the edge of the tub and rotting the wall. Our last caulking job failed badly and it appears the caulking never sealed properly, so off with the old and on with the new - simple, right? WRONG.

I've got most of the old caulking removed now and decide to sit back and take a wee break. BAD MOVE! My foot slips on a bit of water in the bottom of the tub, my big wide fanny somehow misses the edge of the tub and out I go - backwards (and at full speed)!

Thank God my back was towards the wall and not the toilet. Whump goes my tookis on the floor. Whump I bounce my tookis off the floor again and my backside hits the floor vent. Thought I had lots of padding to save me - wrong. Also, Kablam - my head hits the wall and rebounds for a second shot! My eyes are spinning, my ears are ringing - but wait! There's more...

I was holding a metal putty knife in my hand when I went over and slammed onto that on one of my bounces. When I realize I am on the floor I carefully look down thinking I'm going to see blood everywhere - somehow I never cut myself! (I guess that's a blessing). All I've got is a wicked bruise on the fatty part of my palm - whew.

Hubby (trying to hold back his laughter I'm sure) carefully bends over me and asks, "Are you OK?" My response? "I'm not sure...just give me a sec."

I look around me and find I am straddling the toilet, There are stars everywhere and my ears are still ringing. No blood anywhere or holes in the wall from my head - "I'm OK".

Today, not so much - every muscle in my body aches, my butt cheeks hurt to sit, I think I have a slight case of whiplash and my ribs are sore, but I'm still on this side of the daisies!

Oh yeah - had to buy a new shower curtain today - ripped the old one off in my haste to get out of the tub...


by marianb 03 Feb 2016

I'm glad you finally had a good outcome aka re-caulking the bath and I'm sorry for having to giggle at your unfortunate mishap, hope the bruising and tenderness go away quickly and remember the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. Marian

by ruthc 02 Feb 2016

Sorry for your speedy mishap hopefully you will have a speedy recovery. God Bless

by sebsews 02 Feb 2016

Wow! After reading this I think I will hire it done! Glad you did not break anything!

by graceandham 01 Feb 2016

Misadventures get funnier the further we get away from them! So sorry for all that. My mom used to hire an ex-military guy to recaulk her two tubs and all he wanted was a new white Sunday shirt for his time. Bet you'd have been glad to get that deal!

by dragonflyer 01 Feb 2016

Yikes...glad you were not seriously hurt...take it easy!

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Feb 2016

Ouch, ouch, ouch. You have a way with words. You make this whole episode sound funny. I could not help but laugh. Truly I hope you feel better soon. You were lucky, that you did not gt hurt more. Glad you are still on this side of the daisies.

by Smokey12 01 Feb 2016

I am glad you are not seriously hurt. The soreness seems to last a long time. I did laugh as I read this and thought about an article I read eons ago about an accident. Your writing is just like that. I'm sure you could publish this story, once you feel much better or course. Rest and recover and I'm also glad you finished the caulking.

by sdrise 01 Feb 2016

Glad you are OK> You can laugh once you heal!

by blueeyedblonde 01 Feb 2016

Definitely wasn't funny at the time, but it's one of those things that when looking back and we are OK that you then can see the humor and have a laugh over it.
I had a similar thing happen a long time ago, but it also was very serious as I almost blacked out, but later in retelling it I was able to laugh at myself , at how the best laid plans for doing things safely can go wrong!
Glad you are OK. Take care.

by sandralane 01 Feb 2016

Oh!!! my what a dreadful misadventure, you are lucky to only have bruises. However i would still get checked out by the doctor just to make sure all is okay. Think perhaps you may need help in your renovations, would be safer. Take care of your self. Sandra.

by 02kar Moderator 01 Feb 2016

My goodness, I had no idea you were also a stunt person. Seriously, OUCH! Thank goodness you did not stab yourself with the putty knife. Now I think you need to take a long hot soak in that tub. That is if you promise you won't have another accident.

by noah 01 Feb 2016

Well i am rotfl (rolling on the floor laughing)and i am glad your not hurt.
Also i helped hubby take out tub as the water leaked and the floor was wroughting and all the insulation etc. So we had to put in new floor under the tub and some special batting for that etc. in the walls what a job .Yes those bathrooms can be deadly lol hugs from Canada Carolyn

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by jrob Moderator edited 01 Feb 2016

I'm glad that you can laugh at yourself. I laugh at myself all of the time.....I never cease to be entertained.

You didn't find any wayward caulk did you? lol

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wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2016

Love the saying - think I may have to put it up in the bathroom, just to show it my appreciation for catching me :-)

by babash 01 Feb 2016

Boy are you lucky nothing broken. Sore muscles hurt for ages. Did you get the caulking finished?

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wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2016

Yes, I got all the caulking done and it looks mighty fine. I'm rather proud of the job I did.

by cfidl 01 Feb 2016

Oh bother! I had my almost first slip in the tub last week. I do not want to experience what you did - ever!

by jalinnell 01 Feb 2016

Sorry to hear of your misadventures, but you sure have a great knack to tell a tale, keeping your audience interested 'til the very end!
Most importantly, I hope you feel better soon!

by gerryvb 01 Feb 2016

Oops, hope you feel better soon, take it easy, take care

by pennifold 01 Feb 2016

Oh! Vida, I am so sorry to read this. I'm so glad that you are o.k. albeit bruised badly on your backside and all the other issues. You make sure you see a doctor, because you may have some internal problems. Please rest and take care. Love Chris

by bevintex 01 Feb 2016

I just don't find that funny,You are fortunate you weren't seriously hurt

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wider57 by wider57 01 Feb 2016

I'm sorry Bev. I didn't laugh at all yesterday, but the more I think about it today, the happier I am that I wasn't really hurt too bad, so I have to chuckle. If you knew me you'd know that this is just somewhat of a regular occurrence for me as I am one BIG klutz and have done some of the darndest things over the past 58 years.

by ethan 01 Feb 2016

DAILY QUOTE february 1: "Step with care and great tact, and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act." Dr. Seuss

by ethan 01 Feb 2016

Oh dear.