by teddybear117 26 Jan 2016

16-1-26 Has anyone used this product or has knowledge as to if it is any good?

It is put on the soles of slippers (it showed crocheted slippers) to make them slip proof.


by baydreamer 02 Feb 2016

I have not but was told puffy craft paint works as well!

by sdrise 02 Feb 2016

Never heard of it but you can use hot glue on the bottom in rows, or sew some of that foam shelf liner or rug liner that helps rugs not be slippery in the bottoms. Probably cheaper and works great. That is what I use..

by noah 30 Jan 2016

never heard of it but if you get good at the ones(slippers) there showing how to on the link i will buy them hugs:):)

by sewtired 27 Jan 2016

I have not used the aerosol, but I've used plasti-dip in a can. I dipped the fingers of my garden gloves into the plasti-dip to try to repair the waterproofing that had cracked off. It worked for a little while, but I think they were too damaged to begin with. This looks like a good idea. I've seen it used on tool handles to make them easier to grip.

by sandralane 26 Jan 2016

Never heard of this, it does however sound interesting. I would like to investigate the idea further. Interested to know also if anyone has used this product and does it really work. Sandra.

by laffma1 26 Jan 2016

Have not heard of this, but it does sound intriging. I will be interested to see what others have to say.

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 edited 26 Jan 2016

Same here.I have read a number of things that people have tried but this seems like something actually made to do what it says. And if it would work on embroidered slippers as well.