by Kimbra68 24 Jan 2016

Applique embroidery patches for hats. My latest patches I made for hats. I have attached them using the E6000 glue.


by jrob Moderator 25 Jan 2016

Very nicely done. Trucker hats are all the rage right now.

by connerj 25 Jan 2016

Really cute - great work :)

by pldc 24 Jan 2016

terrific job, ~hugs~

by Niacea 24 Jan 2016

Very Cute, you did a great job!! I like these a lot.

by sbott54 24 Jan 2016

Silly me. I never thought about gluing appliqué patches to the cap. Welcome to the Cute family--a little late greeting you. --Sandra

by noah 24 Jan 2016

Wonder job keep going hugs

by sonjapotgieter 24 Jan 2016

Fantastic work done...Lovely work done

by bemara 24 Jan 2016

great idea, looks great :-))

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Kimbra68 by Kimbra68 24 Jan 2016

thank you

by lbrow 24 Jan 2016

They look terrific/Lillian

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Kimbra68 by Kimbra68 24 Jan 2016

thank you

by bejoscha 24 Jan 2016

Nice work, well done

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Kimbra68 by Kimbra68 24 Jan 2016

thank you

by karenalice 24 Jan 2016

Great work.

by toogie 24 Jan 2016

Great idea for those of us, and there are many, that don't have the commercial machines or are not as successful, with the homemade hat hoops. I've not used this glue before so let us know how 'wearable' it is. Great job and idea, by the way-Toogie

Kimbra68 by Kimbra68 24 Jan 2016

Hi Toogie! This glue seems to work great. I have made other hats with these patches and they seem to be holding up well.

Kimbra68 by Kimbra68 24 Jan 2016

I do love the look of these patches. I found an idea for a hat hoop using a clipboard. I would love to embroidery right on the hat. I will be sure to post the outcome when I have tried it out.

toogie by toogie 24 Jan 2016

It works well for some but not my machine. I can't get the design done close enough to the brim. My design has to go to high up.But make you one and give it a try. Won't know until you do. I have a patch sewn out, just needs to be applied someway to the cap.

by teun 24 Jan 2016

sehn toll aus