by jeune 20 Jan 2016

Hi All! Does anyone use Embrilliance on a Mac? I am looking for a new software and am considering Embrilliance. Anyone using it to digitize? How do you like it and is it difficult to learn? I am using HusViking 3D on a very old PC, and am worried about it not lasting. I digitize and do all of my editing with the 3D. I have bought the Tru for Mac and am just not happy with it and the learning curve is again very deep! Would really appreciate any thoughts on the Embrilliance program! Thanks in advance, Joyce


by SewMomma2 01 Jun 2016

I am also considering Embrilliance software for digitizing. I don't know whether to keep what I've got and continue with it until my Windows XP quits working. Or to buy something to use on my Mac. I am now using Bernina software to digitize,and I love it, but I was trying to find something that works similarly. It is so easy to use. The reason I am probably not sticking with it is that since my B. emb. machine died. And too expensive to fix. B. has now saw fit to make my software not upgradable. And also now will not read or write to .jef which I now use with my Janome. I get tired of not being able to see the file I'm downloading to my machine without first converting it to a format I can see. I currently use Buzz Edit to convert. I thought that I might find that Okla. Emb. Supply and design was possibly making a similar product but not so. They originally did the Tech support for B. I read some of your comments on another feed about another software, it was like greek to me. I just am too old to start trying to learn a difficult software program.If only there were a web page that compares the softwares and pros and cons. Like I said my Bernina software is really easy to use, and I love digitizing with it sometimes even more than sewing something out. I seem to have a few glitches in the software now and have reloaded from the disk still have those issues it could be my laptop but until now I've never had problems with it before even though it is only, you won't believe this, 256MG! That's right. If you have any more information ladies on software that is easy to use and affordable, please let me know.

sandyqueen by sandyqueen 01 Jun 2016

ARTSIZER a free program from OESD reads JEF and 14 or so other formats. Sends to machine to embroider, resizes, rotates. Check it out.


SewMomma2 by SewMomma2 02 Jun 2016

I will do that thanks so much Sandyqueen, does it also digitize? That's my main issue I want a simple to use digitizer also. I'm new to this community posting so bear with me.

wendyc by wendyc 03 Jun 2016

do you have a proper link for this program Artsizer as I tried to dl it said was corrupt so got scared n deleted it

SewMomma2 by SewMomma2 07 Jun 2016

I haven't tried yet but I will soon and let you know, been very busy.

by hightechgrammy 27 Jan 2016

Thanks for this thread. I use Mac in everything, except digitizing. For that I have Parallels and Windows XP and use the old version 5. I can do most anything I can think of with this old version. But, like everyone who uses XP, I don't know how long it will be usable since there is no longer any support for it. I'd love for there to be a good, easy to use, digitizing software package for Mac. I haven' even looked at Embrillance, but I think it's worth checking out now. I'll check it out on You Tube.

by Barbaric 22 Jan 2016

My girl friend uses it and loves it. Her son is a computer tech and they looked for a long time to find a product that worked with their mac and are very happy with it. I use Embrilliance but not for the digitizing as I have PE. If you have a problem they usually get back to you very quickly within 24 hours. check out you tube.

by mrskiki 21 Jan 2016

I love Embrilliance and use it 90% of the time. But I don't digitize. Have you checked YouTube for any tutorials on TruEbmbroidery? Also on the HV website there should be some help. What don't you like about it? I have been considering buying it since I run a virtual machine and use 4D and not happy with the way that works. (It's the vm not the 4D I don't like.) PM me if you think you might like to sell it. Hugs. Nan W

jeune by jeune 21 Jan 2016

My advice is to keep the 4D! I LOVE my 3D but still use it on my old pc even though I do have it with Parallels on my Mac. It is just easier for me to use the PC. After sleeping on it last night, I have decided there is no rush to change from what I have at this least not until the PC (XP) dies.
I don't like the Tru as it doesn't seen all that stable and is missing some things that the PC software has. I have stopped using it as I am usually in a hurry to get to the machine and don't want to learn another program when I have the 3D which I know inside and out! Just my take on this. My friend who upgraded from 4D to both the 6D and the try is not happy with either. Gosh Nan, I am really not trying to be negative! Just trying to decide what to do LOL Hugs, Joyce

mrskiki by mrskiki 22 Jan 2016

I totally understand. But I do have to say that I only open 4D when I need to do some serious editing. The Embrilliance has a small learning curve and I use it almost exclusively for my needs. And you can purchase only those modules you want- don't have to buy the whole program if you don't want or need. Also, no dongle so you can use on more than one computer if you want. And the customer service is very good too. Can't say enough good things about Embrilliance-oh it comes in either or both PC or MAC. Hugs. Nan

by awesome1 21 Jan 2016

What do they say at the site? I use the Embrilliance Thumbnailer and it works beautifully on Mac. Don't know about the other products.

by spendlove Moderator 21 Jan 2016

I'm sorry I can't help, but at least this will take it back to the top for another chance!
Good luck.

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jeune by jeune 21 Jan 2016

Thanks Sue, I really appreciate it!