by kanny 19 Jan 2016

I live on the island state of Australia, Tasmania is having a very dry hot summer and at the present time we have many fires (red diamonds fires not controlled, yellow fires under control), the last few days we have had lots of smoke around the state due to these fires. I myself live on the NW coast around Burnie, I can't thank the fire fighters enough for all their hard work they are doing. Hoping for some rain relief soon.


by lbrow 21 Jan 2016

This is devastating to see. Praying for everyone in harms way and for rain for you/Lillian

by cfidl 21 Jan 2016

Wow! Fires are so scary and destructive. I pray everyone in harms way get out safely.

by fabricfairy 20 Jan 2016

I am in Perth I feel for you we have just had a terrible fire go threw down south in the state it completely wiped out a country town , very sad , yes the fire fighters do a amazing job . Stay safe .

by katydid 20 Jan 2016

This is terrible. Does it affect your breathing? We have more than our share of rain. I wish I could sent it your way. I certainly will add the firefighters and rain for you area to my prayers. Kay

by AuntAnnie 20 Jan 2016

I hope some of the U.S. firefighters will be able to reciprocate Australia's kindness after aiding in fighting the fires here in the U.S. western states this past summer.

by pldc 20 Jan 2016

wow Karen that is a lot of fires! Indeed firefighters & all emergency personal are hero's world wide. Prayers for safety for everyone & rain. Stay safe ~hugs~

by noah 20 Jan 2016

lets all pray for RAIN!!!!

by pennifold 20 Jan 2016

Wow, Karen, that's so many fires. I know down in Victoria they're having dreadful bush-fires too. It's of course the season for them during an Australian summer. I do hope you are o.k. and not getting any fallout of ashes near your township. Prayers for you all. All of our services personnel deserve medals, all heroes in my eyes. Love Chris

by irenewayne 20 Jan 2016

we've had some awful fires on the mainland too & our firies work so hard as does every-one involved in these tragedies & for this we are always grateful & I for 1 am so humbled when I hear of the devastating loss of homes, lives & live stock as well as all our native animals. Keep safe Kanny.

by airyfairy 20 Jan 2016

We are also having ghastly heat waves here in South Africa - no rain for about two months. Luckily we have not had the fires that usually go with this type of weather

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Jan 2016

I agree the firefighters are the heroes. We have seen this here as well. Drought and fires. These man and women are on the fire lines with very little sleep and away from their families for weeks or month.
Here it is finally raining and I wish the the same for your part of the world.

by jrob Moderator 19 Jan 2016

Those poor firefighters risk their lives daily. I'll be praying for their safety, the safety of those in harms way and for rain.